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Simple Grip Tips for Massive Forearms with Towels and Fat Gripz

Simple Grip Tips for Massive Forearms

As you can imagine, by promoting the benefits of grip strength for many years, I have tried and tested every “new gadget” on the market.  The funny thing is that I haven’t found anything that has beaten or come close to training with thick ropes and kettlebells.  But over the last year and a half, I’ve added another tool to my arsenal; Fat Grip and thick towels.

Fat Gripz are a simple, portable grip enhancing device. Fat Gripz fit over any standard barbell or dumbbell and instantly turn every exercise into a monster. You’ll require more tension to complete any lift and you engage a ton more muscles in the effort. You will begin to understand the concept of co-contraction and see that your body works as a single unit.  You will be forced to use and coordinate more muscle groups for every exercise. Now, I’ve tried other devices that do the same thing as the Fat Gripz, but they have all been flimsy and much less quality. Fat Gripz are indestructible and worth every penny. That is why I give them the Diesel stamp of approval. If I say they are good, I mean it.

Check out this video of one of my fighters and I doing some mess-yo-grip up stuff.  Note, the exercise at the end is not a pull-up, it is a core exercise called hanging knee ups.

Here are some more grip strength training ideas for athletes.

Grip Strength for Athletes

By on June 20th, 2011


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  1. Posted by - Personal Trainer Mumbai on June 23, 2011

    Thanks for tips on forearm strength. Rajesh

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