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Simple Tempo Changes for Max Muscle


When you’re trying to build mass fast, the simple strategy is to push the weights you’re using, use a variety of exercises with varying rep ranges (modifying volume), and utilize different time under tension (TUT) strategies for extending the training set.

Here is a simple way you can use these techniques (and make a grown man cry) for your lower body workouts. After warming up with some higher volume ramp up sets, we began introducing the main worksets of 5 sets x 5/5/10 for hack squats.

For example, we did:

5 sets
5 sec eccentric (phase) on each rep
5 sec iso-hold (at or slightly below parallel)
10 reps total for the set

Without taking into account the concentric phase, that is a MASSIVE 100 seconds under tension. Add in the drive phase out of the hole and the pause at the top and now we’re talking about another 10-20 seconds – or 120 seconds under tension!

This is the perfect scenario for building lots of muscle mass.

Here is one of the main working sets.

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And that is just one benefit of training with greater TUT and utilizing eccentric-focused training. How about the isometrics and eccentric-focused tempo modifications? A few benefits include greater joint stability, deceleration strength potential, greater reactive strength potential, increased muscular endurance, and greater work capacity.

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