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Becoming Ronin Podcast – #22 – Alan Watts, Give It Away, Set Yourself Free

In today’s must-listen episode Smitty and OB quickly recap the Ronin Handbook and give updates on their own journey and progression through each principle. Smitty and OB blooper their way through reading an iTunes review. (Hilarious) Finally, a listener question about material possessions sparks an amazing analysis of a profound Alan Watts teaching that is one of Smitty’s favorites. 


[0:00] Intro

[5:30] Murph Review

[7:52] OB’s Ronin Game Win

[10:28] Cold Exposure Updates

[14:28] Weekly Planning

[15:29] Is Smitty addicted to his phone?

[17:50] Pushing yourself once per week

[23:19] Smitty and OB fumble their way through reading a iTunes review

[26:15] Smitty’s mindset shift in regards to money

[33:05] Analysis of Alan Watt’s, ‘Give it Away’

[37:21] Complete Version, Alan Watt’s, ‘Give it Away.’


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Smitty & OB

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