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Becoming Ronin Podcast – #26 – The Truth vs. Feelings, Being Offended, Ten Fitness Hot Takes

In today’s episode Smitty and OB get real by diving into some touchy subjects. They start out with a listener question about avoiding an uncomfortable situation which sparks a conversation about always seeking the truth. Second, Smitty asks OB’s opinion on a recent experience he had with a complete stranger. This turns into a dialogue on what it means to be offended and if you should take a chance to say the ‘truth’ to someone. They wrap the episode up by giving their hot take opinions on 10 debated topics in the industry in an informative way.


[0:00] News

[0:00] Intro

[4:00] A truth dilemma

[14:00] The Way You Feel vs The Truth

[17:00] What does being offended mean?

[21:30] The Quickest Way to Lose Energy in a Relationship

[26:30] How To Jump Start Someone’s Dead Battery

[40:56] Our Hot Takes on Common Fitness Questions


1. Battle Ropes
2. Fasted Cardio
3. Carnivore Diet
4. BOSU Ball
5. RDL’s vs. Kettlebell Swings
6. Chest Supported Row vs. Bent Over Row
7. Sumo Deadlifts vs. Conventional Deadlifts
8. Barefoot Running vs. Running Shoes
9. Band Pull Aparts vs. YTWs
10. Hip Thrusts vs. Deadlifts


Pre-SWIS | CPPS One-Day Practical


OB’s Bent Over Row Hack

Smitty’s article on Barefoot Training


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Smitty & OB

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