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Best Diesel 2010 Fitness Articles

Best Diesel Fitness Articles of 2010


7 Awesome Single Leg Squat Variations

Make sure you do these during your lower body training

Spiderman Crawls and Squat to Stand (effective hip mobility)

These have saved my knees and hips!

High Intensity Conditioning for MMA Athletes

Elite levels of conditioning with these cool (really powerful) movements

Explosive Med Ball Training

Real power, real explosiveness

Very Simple Reactive Drills for Athletes

Got a tennis ball?  Then you can build some killer reaction time with your athletes

Build Muscle for $9.96

Got sliders?

Essential Lower Body Training

Braced Bulgarian squats are serious

The Origin of the Diesel Man Maker

Everyone has to do this to get into the inner circle

Fast Conditioning with Kettlebells and Chains

This one is fast, high intensity and quick to setup

Live 15 Minute Muscle Building Workout (with Warm-up)

No more excuses!

5 Simple Tips for Building Muscle

Without these, you won’t make progress!

Hardest Core Exercise Ever – Part I

This one serious

Hardest Core Exercise Ever – Part II

Dragonflags aren’t just for Bruce Lee!

Slosh Sled Dragging

Innovative sled dragging for athletes

Extreme Hamstring Training

Tear your hamstrings off the bone

Shawn Phillips AMPED Warm-up

The 20 exercise warm-up developed for Shawn

Diesel Video Compilation 2010

Tons of training clips from the year

Powerful Lower Body Training for Athletes

Cool variations for your training program

Secrets of Russian Sports Training

Don’t miss this one!

3 Insanely Effective Upper Body Warm-ups

Do these!  Seriously!

Essential Hip Mobility Movements

YES!  Do these too!

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