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Brutal Lower Body Exercise for Stronger Glutes


Here is a brutal lower body exercise you can use to supplement your lower body workouts and build stronger glutes.

Constant Tension Back Raises with Iso-Holds

Here is a variation of back raises that I’ve been loving lately because you can really feel the contraction across the entire posterior chain.

Rather than using a dumbbell, band-resistance, or a specialty bar, we are utilizing a cable stable set to the bottom pin. At this position, the line of tension is directly perpendicular to the angle of the bench and the straight line of the torso.

Pairing this with a unilateral lower body movement – such as lunges, prowler, step-ups, or band-resisted monster walks is a great way to develop more multi-planar strength across the hips. I also love this as a drop from a heavier squat, deadlift, or GHR variation is you’re working for efficiency or pressed for time.

The reps set is immediately followed by an isometric hold to finish with as powerful of a contraction as possible – after the pre-exhaust of the initial reps.

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By on July 13th, 2017


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