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Dips Dropset – Mass Building for Triceps


Building your pressing strength (for the bench press and military press) and an impressive sets of arms really depends on the work you put in on building mass for your triceps. One very effective mass builder for the triceps and chest are dips.

In the following video I show you how to simply and quickly transition between loaded => unloaded => assisted dips during a recent upper body workout to get more volume in during the set.

Even though I love dips with chains due to the deload at the bottom of the movement (sparing the shoulder), you don’t need any fancy equipment to get the job done. In the video, I use a cable stack that is setup “behind” the dip stand which really improves your ability to “lean into” the dip and target the chest to a greater extent.

Important Note for Athletes
I never program dips in for younger athletes or clients with previous shoulder issues due to the stress and strain on the shoulders. Safer training means like push-ups, close-grip bench press, dumbbell floor press, and crush-grip dumbbell bench variations should be used.

Here is the Dips Dropset
1A) Dips with Cable Stack, AMRAP
1B) Bodyweight Dips, AMRAP
1C) Dips with Band Assistance, AMRAP

By on April 13th, 2017


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