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How to Build Muscle

This is an important article that discusses the most important strength training factors that determine if a workout has an optimal muscle building effect. When developing a workout or program in order to build muscle, there are training parameters that can be modified in order to create a more focused muscle building effect.

Here are the key factors that will help you build muscle fast.

How to Build Muscle

1. TENSION: Amount of weight you lift for a particular exercise!

2. STRESS: Accumulated metabolic stress from incomplete rest between sets and
pushing higher volume sets.

3. DAMAGE: Microtrauma in the muscle produced from intensive strength training.

4. TIME UNDER TENSION: Developing work capacity and muscular endurance to
push the total duration of the set with progressively heavier weights.

5. INTENTIONAL TRAINING: Placing great intention on the working muscle groups to
ensure complete engagement, optimal range of motion (ROM) for the lift, and good
dynamic motor control.

Schoenfeld, Brad J. The Mechanisms of Muscle Hypertrophy and Their Application to Resistance Training. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research: October 2010 – Volume 24 – Issue 10 – p 2857-2872, doi: 10.1519/JSC.0b013e3181e840f3

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