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How to Perform Chaos Shrugs

How to Perform Chaos Shrugs

Many lifters have a hard time getting a powerful trap contraction because they use too much weight. This causes poor form, poor shoulder position, and too short of a range of motion. The trick of adding bands to the movement, i.e., changing the fixed straight weight loading of a rigid implement with a more dynamic loading – allows for more of a powerful contraction with sub maximal weights.

This means the range of motion stays in tact and the focus can remain on the traps, instead of accessory movements from the body trying to throw up too heavy of a weight for shrugs.

Dumbbell Chaos Shrugs

This intense trap building exercise that forces the lifter to isometrically contract against the reverse movement of the bands. The more powerful the shrug, the greater the rebound of the weight and bands.

Barbell Chaos Shrugs

The real key with this serious of exercises is controlled and deliberate movement. You don’t want to rush your accessory or supplemental work because the focus is time under tension or TuT. You’re trying to create great metabolic stress and tension through multiple ranges of motion with varying leverages and mechanical advantages for the working joint systems and muscle groups.

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By on January 9th, 2020


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