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Muscle Building Isolation vs. Integration – Part 2

How to Build Muscle | Isolation vs. Integration – Part 2

Here is part 2 of the “isolation” vs. “integration post and the last videos from my recent trip to FL with Ferruggia and Luka. When we trained in Florida, we hit a ton of different machines for two workouts – a push and pull workout. One of the tehcniques we used was this idea of trying to optimize the intent of the working muscle group vs. trying to move in a more global integrated fashion utilize multiple muscle groups surrounding a joint.

In this second example, you’ll see Ferruggia performing two sets of machine posterior flyes in two different fashions. In the first set, Jay tries to focus on only engaging the posterior aspect of the delt with minimal contribution from the mid back musculature, including the rhomboids and traps and without movement of the shoulder blades. The weight is dropped and the set is repeated with Jay now trying to utilize his entire upper back and with a finish of shoulder retraction – driving the shoulder blades together at the end of the rep.

As I stated, in my experience, both of these techniques complement each other and work together to give you a comprehensive strength training profile AND balanced musculature – all while keeping your shoulders healthy!

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By on January 17th, 2020


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