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Power Combo – Heavy Dips with Thick Bar Rows

Power Combo – Heavy Dips with Thick Bar Rows

In this article we are going to show you a twist on conventional dips and seated rows.  We will introduce chains into the dip movement.  As you remember from our chain training video, we like to get creative.

Typically, dips are very hard on the shoulders.  I always recommend to remove dips from your program if they aggravate your shoulders.  Alternatives like close grip bench presses, neutral grip db bench, board presses and others can be substituted if dips give you a problem.

But if you can do dips, you can get very creative in loading the movement.  I like to add chains to the movements.  Not only because it is bad ass, but because the two main ways to load chains for dips each have their own benefit in addition to the instability factor.

Variation 1 | Dips with Chains

Chains are loaded Rambo style, alternating across the torso OR hung directly over the neck. Because of this loading, it forces the lifter forward.  The lifter must actively engage their torso stabilizers and create heavy tension on the lats to remain upright – especially when the weight gets heavy.

Variation 2 | Dips with Chains with Belt

In this variation the chains are clipped to a dip belt with a carabiner.  This loading is great because it takes advantage of accommodating resistance (i.e. mimics lifter’s natural strength curve).  The chain bunches up on the floor and the load gets lighter when the lifter’s leverage is worst.  As the lifter moves to lockout (better leverage), the load increases as all the chains come off the floor.

Thick Bar Seated Rows

For the thick bar seated rows, we added Fat Gripz. Fat Gripz are the best tool I’ve used for immediately turning any standard barbell into a thick bar.  And I’ve tried them all. If you’ve been around Diesel for a while, you know we’re known for building grip strength in our programs. Hand strength is the forgotten element of functional training.  The five aspects of grip; crush, support, pinch, wrist postures and hand health, must be periodized into your strength program. It is very important as an increase in grip strength will carry over into your numbers in the gym and your performance on the field. The more tension you can create in your hands, the stronger you will become.

Sample Warm-up for this Workout

1A) Jumping jacks | seal jumps, 1×20 each

1B) Camshafts, 1×10 revolutions

1C) T-bar shrugs, 1×12

1D) Thumbs up posterior flyes, 1×10

1E) Diamond push-ups, 1×12

Sample Power Combo Workout

2A)  Dips with Chains, 4×6-8 (Heavy)

2B)  Fat Grip Seated Rows, 4×12

By on January 12th, 2011


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Comments (3)

  1. Posted by - Dale on January 13, 2011

    Awesome vid thanks. I still need to get a dip apparatus for my garage. I have always liked that exercise.

  2. Posted by - Jim on January 14, 2011

    Can you tell me what size those chains are(each link and total length) and how much they weigh. What size or weight would you recommend for high school athletes?

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