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Prone Audinwood Rows


Check out this killer Audinwood rows variations with a barbell! I absolutely love this back variation because we cover the entire profile of the back into the upper back.

Essentially, you are performing a straight arm pull over to target the lats and then you transfer into a higher rowrole for the upper back, rhomboids, and the posterior aspect of the delts. Why this is such a great exercise is because you get a lot done in a short amount of time. You want to focus on good quality repetitions and securing each position of every repetition. Good quality means that you wanna pull the bar to your hips, hold it there for a moment, and then slide the bar up into the high row before you lower the weight back toward the floor.

The sequence is:

1. Straight arm lat pull hitting the bottom of the bench by your hips
2. Slide the bar up into the top position of a high row and hold for a moment
3. Lower the bar under control back to the floor.

The biggest flaw you’ll see with this movement is the shoulders collapsing forward at all positions of each repetition. This means when the athlete pulls the bar to the bench, they will round their upper back and let their shoulders roll forward to shorten the amount of distance it takes to hit the bottom of the bench. The goal is to pull the chest up and keep the shoulders back at all times to get on the lats better, keep the arms straight during the initial pull, and focus on a good squeeze into the bench at the high row portion. This movement is all amount maintain tension and position!

This exercise is an amazing supplement for heavy rowing work, your pull-ups, and your face pulls and posterior flye variations.

By on April 27th, 2020


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