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Subscribe to My Youtube Channel


Subscribe to My Youtube Channel

As you can see I upgraded my Youtube channel.

In this post I want to make sure all of you are subscribed.  This way you are the first to get notified for any new videos.

It is very easy to do, click on the image above or the link below and go to the channel.  Then just click on the YELLOW Subscribe button at the top left.  DONE.

On the channel you’ll find videos on the following topics and I add more every week.

  • Warm-up, How to Warm-up, Insanely Effective Warm-ups
  • How to Squat, Squat Tips, How to Squat the Right Way
  • How to Deadlift, Deadlift Tips, How to Deadlift the Right Way
  • How to Bench Press, Bench Tips, How to Bench the Right Way
  • Rehab for Injuries
  • Strength Training, Strength Training for Athletes
  • Explosive Training for Athletes
  • Strongman Training
  • Grip Training
  • Power Development
  • Mobility, Flexibility
  • Inspiration, Life Coaching
  • Conditioning, Insane Conditioning
  • Core Training
  • Innovative Strength Training

Just to name a few…

So go SUBSCRIBE now and get in!



By on February 4th, 2011


  • Discover Pain Free, Joint-Friendly Training
  • Get Super Effective Workouts and Programs
  • Inspirational Life Lessons Each Week
  • Effective Habits For Busy Entrepreneurs

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