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2 Brutal Shoulder Finishers


Here are two brutal shoulder finishers from a couple of workouts from this past week. They are both supplemental, so the volume will be higher. I love incorporating giant sets for our muscle-building-workout-bodybuilding-gain-muscle because they are so effective at creating change fast! A heavier upper body compound series will feed into one of these exercises.


Around the World: Cable Front Raises
Volume: 3-4 AMRAP Sets

Have a partner stop you at different positions in the movement pattern. We worked through the range like the hands of a clock, gradually shortening the range of motion and gradually increasing the range of motion. The time under tension was brutal.

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Scarecrows => Prone Press => Snow Angels
Volume: 3-4 sets x 12-15 reps

These will light you up.

Perform a row, external rotation, press, and then into a large arc to your hips. Make sure you keep your palms facing downward. Stay light and be controlled with your movement. Try to make sure that your arms stay in the same plane as your torso during the press and sweeping arc.

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By on November 16th, 2016


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