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Deep Hip External Rotator Stretch That Works!

Deep Hip External Rotator Stretch That Works

Here is a deep external hip rotator stretch. This is THE stretch you want to do every single day if you sit around a lot. It is fantastic if as a pre-squat or pre-deadlift warm-up drill because it not only stretches the glutes on the plant side but it also opens up the hip flexor on the opposite leg.

This drill should be paired with the specific movement pattern you will be training in the upcoming workout. For example, hit this stretch and then move into some goblet squats if you squatting that day. If you’re hitting deadlifts, pair this stretch with a hinging set of kettlebell deadlifts or kettlebell RDL’s. Remember, this is only ONE angle of the hip we need to address prior to lower body training – so find different angles that are restricted for you or your client and build out a more comprehensive lower body warm-up strategy.

How to perform the stretch:

1. Plant to top foot on the bench and gently lay the knee flat across the top of the bench. IMPORTANT NOTE: If this is too acute for you or your client, use an incline bench (instead of the flat bench) and increase the angle until you are able to more comfortably place your entire leg on the bench.
2. Drop the opposite knee toward the floor.
3. Rotate toward the plant knee and exhale a long and deliberate breath.
4. Sit back up tall, and then repeat.
5. Switch sides and repeat the drill.

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By on January 30th, 2020


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