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Diesel Strength Challenges


Diesel Strength Challenges

We are starting something really cool on the Diesel site.  We are calling it Diesel Strength Challenges.

Jedd originated the idea on the main Diesel site with his grip strength videos.

We will be creating video showing workouts, exercises, strength feats or challenges.

You will have the opportunity to film yourself doing the challenges AND WIN PRIZES.

I really think this will bring the Diesel community together.  We can encourage and support each other while we get stronger.

Here Is How It Works


Every week or every 2 weeks I will put up a video of the challenge.  You will have1 week to film yourself doing the challenge.


You will then upload the video to your Youtube channel and send me an email to [email protected] with the link.

The title of the Video should be:

“ – Strength Challenge – xxxxINSERT NAME OF CHALLENGExxxxx”

Keywords should be “diesel strength challenge”


After your video is submitted, I will make a post on Diesel and the whole community will vote.  They will vote in the comments and that will determine the winner.  If there is a tie, I will be the tie breaker.

How to Judge

Since all of you will be judging all of the submissions, I wanted to give you some criteria to help you choice your picks for each challenge.

1.  Who did the challenge the best overall?

2.  Who had the best form for the strength exercise?

3.  Who showed the most personality?

4.  Who gave it their all?  (the winner doesn’t have to be the one who did the most reps or the biggest weight, it could be the person you think tried their best)

5.  Who followed all of the rules?


We will either pick a prize for the week or specifically for the challenge or you will be able to pick from any one of my products.  We are still working on this detail.

For now get your flip cam and if you don’t have a Youtube channel, get one now!


By on February 14th, 2011


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Comments (8)

  1. Posted by - Jeff in Napa. on February 14, 2011

    Please tell me that the squat will be included in a strength challenge…

    • Smitty
      Posted by - Smitty on February 14, 2011

      Of course Jeff.

  2. Posted by - Matt Hunt on February 14, 2011

    This is such a great idea 🙂 I have actively taken part in the weekly diesel crew grip challenge and I look forward to giving your challanges a shot as well! I will get this out and try to show as many people as I can.

    • Smitty
      Posted by - Smitty on February 14, 2011

      Thanks Matt!

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