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Do Athletes Require Maximal Strength?

By on March 21st, 2011


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Comment (1)

  1. Posted by - imrev on March 23, 2011

    Not a simple question. Which sport and what level of athlete? of course, certain level of strength is needed. I can speak only about wrestling, had a privilege to be in training camps with olympic and world champs for almost 12 years. But wrestlera are not power lifters, and almost never the strongest win the championship, according to strength test results. probably the “balance” is the keyword, strngth, explosivenes, endurance, etc. A good coach will make a personalization for everyone of his athletes, after reaching some level there is no “one size fits all”.
    I can only lough every time when reading from some very popular “internet” coaches when they citing some research results,for example that excess running is contraproductive for almost everyone except marathon athletes. But no one of them is saying what is “excess”. And, I know(personaly) at least 2 olympic medalist and 3 world championship medalist wrestler, in different weight categories from 57KG to 100+, who were running 6-10KMs every other morning. Scimilar is the situation with overtraining, lot of guys is writing about it over the net, but without measure and explanation what is it for whom? 45 minutes daily for average Joe or 6 hours for high level athlete? I am not a researcher nor national team coach, my words are only result of my experience.
    Yes, maximal strength is needed,but if you reach some high level, shall it be productive or contraproductive(for your sport) if you go for more maximal strength? It depends… Not a simple question 🙂

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