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Shoulder Rehab Program

Shoulder Rehab Program

Here is the proven 7-day Diesel shoulder rehab protocol that can be implemented to maintain and restore shoulder health, function, and stability. Any piece of the comprehensive shoulder rehab program can be used as an upper body warm-up.

Weekly Protocol

Day 1:  Circuit 1
Day 2:  Circuit 2
Day 3:  Circuit 3
Day 4:  REST
Day 5:  Circuit 4
Day 6:  Circuit 5
Day 7:  REST

Each exercise in the following circuits should be completed for 12-15 reps and each circuit is done 1-3 times (runs).

Circuit 1:
DB Retractions
DB Protractions
Posterior Capsule Stretch

Circuit 2:
DB Cuban Rotations
Band External Rotations
Band Pull Aparts
Band Dislocates
Band Presses

Circuit 3:
Pull-up Retraction
Barbell Overhead Shrugs
Push-up Plus
Posterior Capsule Stretch

Circuit 4:
Incline DB Retraction
Prone “Y’s”
Prone Internal Rotations

Circuit 5:
EQI Push-ups
Prone “T’s”
Plate Halos

Check out this video of the full shoulder rehab program.

Ultimate Two Minute Shoulder Warm-up

For variety, I love throwing in this fantastic 2-minute shoulder rehab warm-up protocol before any workout. It can be used as a warm-up for the bench press or even just daily maintenance for the shoulders to keep them healthy and strong.

If you need help getting out of pain and getting back to training again, check out the new Diesel Shoulder Rehab program. These are the exact shoulder rehab workouts I’ve used for the past 20 years with my clients and athletes to help them recovery from shoulder injuries and get back to full strength.!

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