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Insanely Effective Shoulder Warm-up Exercise


Let me show you an insanely effective shoulder rehab exercise that is a twist on an old classic – eccentric-focused cubans rotations.

While this exercise was part of a larger, more comprehensive shoulder warm-up we did before a heavy military press, I wanted to call it out because it is so effective.

Most cuban rotation / cuban press variations focus on the concentric pulling and driving aspect of the initial part of the drill which misses out on the real brilliance. Being able to achieve a full overhead position, decelerate the press, slow the movement down, internally rotate with control, and perform a longer duration set is a testament on your athletes’ shoulder integrity and durability.

The movement is perform by dynamically snatching the weight overhead, letting it settle (important also before the movement is initiated), and then eccentrically controlling the reverse cuban press pattern.

This simple change is a game-changer for improving the effectiveness of your shoulder warm-up, bulletproofing the shoulder complex, and preparing for heavier loads.

Of course this drill should be integrated with deep tissue tempering of the lats and pecs and other loaded multi-angle patterns prior to ramping up your worksets.

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By on June 24th, 2017


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