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The Jeske Rotation Drill

The following drill is a variation of the deep breathing quadruped rocking lat stretch drill performed with a dowel rod on a flat bench. You’ll see in the first phase of the video, I use a kettlebell instead of a dowel rod.

Phase 1: Kneeling Thoracic Extension

For the conventional kneeling drill, the athlete is trying to unlock thoracic extension through a series of touch-and-go dynamic stretches that tests the edge of tension while utilizing a powerful and forceful exhale drive down rib position and activate the anterior core musculature. The goal is to improve overhead competency, improve scapular position, increase lat length (extensibility), and simply get them breathing deeper and better.

Phase 2: Jeske Rotation Drill

In the second drill, you’ll see a thoracic extension and rotation drill developed by coach Jordan Jeske – the reason it is called the Jeske Rotation Drill.

From the same quadruped position, the athlete will rock back into the hip hinge extending the shoulder that is left of the bench and reach through with the opposite arm – utilizing a full exhale to achieve a farther excursion into the rotational pattern.

Simple Modification

To make the rotation smooth and deliberate, I used a light dumbbell on a furniture slider for the rotating arm – but this is NOT needed. Simply reaching through with the off hand is enough. You’ll notice the arm that stays on the bench rotates and lays flat on top of the bench at a 90 degree angle.

Try this 1-2 combo before your overhead or horizontal pressing work and as a recovery drill for the upper back.

Here is the sequence:

1A] Kneeling Quadruped Rocking Lat Stretch Drill, 10 reps
– with 3 forceful exhales at 2 positions; start and end
1B] Jeske Rotation Drill, 5 reps / side

By on February 23rd, 2017


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