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Quick Lower Body Warm-up for Squats and Deadlifts

Quick Lower Body Warm-up for Squats and Deadlifts

Here is a quick warm-up I’ve used to warm-up my hips, knees, and ankle prior to a lower body training session. You’ll notice that I use a hip circle to not only cue (RNT) but also to engage the hip musculature. This type of pre-training routine is critical to unlock and ‘break the rust off’ from the day – before you get under the bar.

The real key is to understand that I’m always on a mission to maintain, expand, or secure ranges of motion and end ranges of motion so that the old adage, ‘if you don’t use it, you lose it’ doesn’t happen. Especially as a lifter (or athlete) who regularly participates in strength training workouts. If you’re over 40, you are probably nodding your head to everything I’m saying. If you’re a young lifter, you might not realize that you’re putting miles on your body that will eventually change how you move. So the goal is creating a balance of strength training (hard work) and movement quality (unloaded soft work or flow) – to make sure that you movement continues to improve over time.

Here is the lower body warm-up circuit:

1. Waiter’s Bows, 5-10 reps
2. KB Deadlifts, 5-10 reps
3. Goblet Squats, 5-10 reps
4. Boot Strappers, 5-10 reps

The key to any warm-up is to find where the restrictions are and where your’e tight and actively work to free up this restriction. Once there is some ‘space’ then integrate some type of loaded patterned movement to create tension across the joint that you just worked on.

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By on March 3rd, 2020


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