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Simple Recovery Tip – It’s Play Time

Simple Recovery Tip – It’s Play Time

After reading a post from my good friend Tony “Top Gun” Gentilcore, I remembered a very old article I wrote from back in the day.  His article suggested that he was constantly “molding” athletes everyday while they’re training – by coaching, cueing and ensuring proper bracing, much like playing with Playdoh.

This great analogy triggered my memory around how I used to use Playdoh back in the day.  Yes, I made snakes and multi-colored snowmen, but it was how I used it with my athletes that was pretty cool.

I had them keep a jar of Playdoh in the fridge at all times and after heavy and intense training sessions I had them take the Playdoh and kneed in until it got warm again.  This little technique was huge in beginning their recovery process, starting with the hands.  This, followed by proper nutrition, lots of rest, lots of water and other modalities, worked very well to keep them honest and have them follow a repeatable plan.

Try it and let me know what you think!


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By on August 26th, 2011

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