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3 Amazing Back Training Routines


Here are some of the super effective supplemental back training from the last few weeks. Make sure you follow my Instagram (@smittydiesel) for upcoming muscle building and strength training videos.


Title: Back Murder

This routine is brutal. You will attack the upper back from different angles and tons of volume.

1A] Prone DB Row Iso-Holds x 10-20sec
1B] Prone DB “V” Extensions x 10-20 reps
1C] Prone DB Posterior Flyes x 10-20 reps
Repeat 4-5X

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Title: Quick Diesel Upper Body Warm-up
Use this awesome upper body circuit to get ready for a heavy pressing or pulling exercise first in the workout OR as supplemental mass building supplemental work after the primary lift.

1A] Tricep Extensions x 10 reps
1B] Face Pulls x 10 reps
1C] Cable Front Raises x 10 reps
Repeat 3-4x for warm-up
Repeat 4-5x for supplemental upper body work

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Title: Back Blasting Giant Set
Start this back circuit with a heavy horizontal pulling movement and then attack the upper back from every single angle. Be careful, the prone raises are ridiculous. You can hook your feet under the bench to get a better anchor and more tension to help you raise the bar (or dumbbells) with straight arms. Keep the rest periods as short as possible between movements.

1A] Heavy Seated Rows x 10 reps
1B] Prone Raises x 10 reps
1C] DB Posterior Flyes x 10 reps
1D] DB “V” Extensions x 10 reps
Repeat 4-5x for supplemental upper body work

A video posted by James Smith (@smittydiesel) on

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By on November 14th, 2016


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