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SPEED Training for Team Sport Athletes


After 7 months of hard work, I can finally say that the new SPEED training system is here!

Joe DeFranco, Mike Guadango and myself have literally devoted the last half of 2012 to this latest project and we are extremely proud of the new DVD and manual.

It represents our view on SPEED training for team sport athletes.  What you’ll see is that – even though the system is built on proven SPEED training principles – it is very unique in it approach.

Team sport athletes must be able to accelerate, decelerate and change direction in non-optimal, random situations.  To improve their potential on the field – operational output – we must training them accordingly.

In the new SPEED system, you will learn:

  • Learn about 15 years of recorded data that proved the most effective, time-efficient way to train for speed…guaranteed!
  • Technical considerations when sprinting and proven coaching cues!
  • The role that acceleration and max velocity play in different team sports and how to improve them.
  • Learn how, when and why to train each of the 3 different energy systems and their positive or negative effects on speed.
  • The controversial TRUTH about how to improve agility!
  • Does aerobic training kill your speed training efforts or can it actually be beneficial?
  • Learn how to improve an athlete’s “maximal outputs” and its effect on “game speed.”
  • Detailed speed training Warm-ups and Workouts from the training logs of our pro athlete clients!
  • Learn the benefits of incorporating “tempo work” into your programming.
  • Special Strength Training (SST) methods for Speed revealed!
  • Learn how to integrate speed into “Westside for Skinny Bastards” and “High/Low” programs!
  • Step-by-step tutorial on how to teach our legendary 40-yard dash stance and shave one to two-tenths off your 40 time instantly!

To see how we structured the manual, check out the Table of Contents:


Chapter 1. Intro
Chapter 2. Stride Frequency vs. Stride Length
Chapter 3. Technical Considerations of the Sprint
Chapter 4. Agility
Chapter 5. Role of Core Strength
Chapter 6. SPEED vs. Conditioning
Chapter 7. Special Strength Training for SPEED
Chapter 8. Sample SPEED Warm-ups
Chapter 9. SPEED Training Workouts
Chapter 10. SPEED Training Integration
Chapter 11. SPEED Exercise Index
Chapter 12. 40-Yard Dash stance: The 7-Step Approach
Chapter 13. SPEED Training FAQ
Chapter 14. References
Chapter 15. About the Authors

Here is Joe D. going through the entire manual:

The SPEED system is the final piece in our Complete Athletic Strength Development Training System.  It is this exact system that forms the curriculum for our CPPS certification and defines how we train our athletes.



By on January 16th, 2013


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  1. Posted by - [email protected] on January 25, 2013

    I purchased speed the day it cam out and still have not Reciever it. Is there any way to track my order?

    Joe Romano
    [email protected]

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