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The Pay It Forward Contest – Win Stuff and Feel Great



The Pay It Forward Contest

We will be running a contest with a twist. It requires you to do something….really cool. You will be making a declaration, a statement as a man or a woman, that you intend to keep. You will be stating what you plan to do this holiday season as a kind gesture for a stranger. We are looking for a big impact, so we will utilize social media to our advantage.

Here is another cool thing; the more you share with your friends and family and get them involved, the more I am going to give away. I will cover all costs of manufacturing and shipping for all prizes. All you have to do is share and get everyone involved.

Step 1: Click on this link and “LIKE” the page once you get there.

Step 2: Leave a comment about what you plan to do his holiday season to “Pay It Forward” on the appropriate post on the page (don’t worry you’ll see it). Each person can leave one (1 each) comment.

Pay It Forward basically means doing something for someone unexpectedly. Throughout the day, you meet strangers who possibly need a hand opening a door. Maybe you pay for someone who is at the toll booth behind you? Maybe you write a letter to your son or daughter and tell them how much you miss them or how much they mean to you? Maybe you give your time as a volunteer?

Just leave a comment and let everyone know what you plan on doing to brighten someone elses’ day. And listen to me, this is completely on the honor system. Be a man. Be a woman. If you say you’re going to do something, you better follow through – no BS.

Step 3: Share this contest on your Twitter, on your Facebook and on your blog.

When you post on Twitter or Facebook, use the #hastag of #fitnesslives if you want to bring more people into the fitness lifestyle. We need to get at least 200 comments on the Pay It Forward post on Facebook to give away the softball grips at the end of the week. Do not post it here, post it on Facebook. We want to get as many people involved as possible and it is easy to share on Facebook and Twitter.

Also, look below for the list of prizes if we can get more people to leave a comment.

Step 4: Cross your fingers, you’re done. Sit back and read everyone’s comments and maybe get some more ideas to keep paying it forward throughout the year.

Contest ends at midnight on Saturday, December 17th. I will randomly pick the winners and announce them on Facebook and here at Diesel.

Pay It Forward Prizes

200 Comments on Facebook – a pair of softball grips

300 Comments on Facebook – 2 copies of the POWER! DVD

400 Comments on Facebook – 2 copies of the new EXTREME DVD (coming soon)

500 Comments on Facebook – 2 Diesel T-shirts

600 Comments on Facebook – a bamboo bar

700 Comments on Facebook – 5 copies of the POWER! DVD

800 Comments on Facebook – 5 copies of the new EXTREME DVD (coming soon)

1000 + Comments on Facebook – I will donate $500 to a charity of the winners choice

* I will randomly pick the winners at each level

By on December 12th, 2011


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