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Vision Quest 2011


Vision Quest 2011

If you remember the first part of 2010 and our Vision Quest together, you’ll remember it had over 200 comments from people ready to make a change.

Did you make those changes?

Many people can envision great things but very few take action and make these things happen.

Remember, no one is going to give you anything is this life.  If you want something, you have to work hard and make opportunities happen.

Don’t talk about it, be about it.

Best movie ever made?

You’ll also remember how at the beginning of the year we made a pact together. To be the best we could be and to hit our goals in 2010.

For me it was losing weight and getting more athletic.  For years now I have struggled with knee and shoulder problems.  This lead to me implementing the best, comprehensive warm-ups for not only my workouts, but the workouts of my athletes.  That was how AMPED warm-up was created.

In 2010, I have completed the following:

– more warm-ups

– more conditioning

– more shoulder rehab

– more conditioning

– more mobility

– more jumping

– dropped from 244 to 210 (still working on the ripped part)

– more time with the family

How did you do?

If you posted on the original Vision Quest, how did you do?  Just like last year, I want t hear from you.

We will be giving away 10 packages again this year.

I want to hear about what your plans are for 2011 AND what your goals are.

Write them out and let me know how you are going to change your life this year.

From the comments I will pick 10 winners who can pick from any of my products.


I want to share with you one of the most inspirational videos I have ever seen.  It will show you passion.  It will show you the never quit mentality when you have dreams and goals.

Most of all it will show you how to overcome struggle.

It is this struggle that defines us.  It drives us.

If you can overcome life’s obstacles, you will not believe how powerful you can become.

For me, and many other people, overcoming challenges in the weight room adds to our sense of accomplishment.  We set goals and try to reach them every time we go into the gym.


To get you started this year I am going to get you started off right with a good New Year’s Day Workout.

Instead of drinking yourself into oblivion on New Year’s, do something different.  Stay up til 12:01am, drink a big glass of water and then hit the sack.  Wake up late the next morning, maybe 9-10am and have a good breakfast.  Hit the gym and DO WORK!

Warm-up / Activation
Foam Rolling – Full Body, 30-60 sec each area
Cable Tricep Extensions, 1×20
Face Pulls, 1×20
Side to Side Chest Stretch, 1×10 each way
Rotator Cuff “Y”, 1×20
Camshafts, 1×10 revolutions each arm

Primary Workout

1a) Dumbbell Bench Press, 4×15

1b) Pull-ups, 4×10

Supplemental Worksets

2a) Incline Dumbbell Bench Press, 3×8

2b) Heavy Dumbbell Shrugs, 3×12

2c) Dumbbell Posterior Flyes, 3×12

3) Braced Leg Lifts on Dip Bar, 4×12

Password: getdiesel


Tell me about your dreams, your passions and your goals for 2011.

Remember, if we reach 200 comments, I will give away 10 packages (any one product you want) to 10 commentors picked randomly.

By on December 31st, 2010


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Comments (211)

  1. Posted by - esther wilson on December 31, 2010

    I plan on overcoming the fear of succeeding with opening my fitness business. The improvementof my health and fitness has changed my life and I want to change the life of others. I struggled with my weight for the longest time and since I have shed fat and gained confidence, I want others to feel that sense of accomplishment.

  2. Posted by - Daniel on December 31, 2010

    2010 has seen me obtain my goal of being in the best shape of my life dispite the fairly major setback of a car accident in summer 2009 that resulted in soft tissue damage to my neck, back, and shoulder. 2010 taught me that anything is possible when you surround yourself with the right people and push yourself harder then you ever believed was possible. In 2011 I want to continue that trend, and work towards being in even better shape as I come into the last year of my 20’s. I hope to continue the trajectory I’m on currently, and make improvements in how I take care of myself outside of my time in the gym as well as I’ve always been bad for putting myself last in line behind my commitments to my family, my job, and my volunteer commitments. 2011 already looks like it’s going to be an awesome year, and I’m going to do everything in my power to ensure that it is.

  3. Posted by - Taha on December 31, 2010

    Here i go:


    Passing the barrier of 2 times bodyweight full squat -Achieved
    Deadlifting over 2.5times bodyweight -Achieved
    10 one armed push up,each arm(close stance)- Achieved
    Maintaining a flexibility program for 6days a week during 6months straight -Achieved
    Improving my hip mobility and flexibility -Achieved
    Improving the health of my groin -Achieved
    Improving side split flexibility and side kick (that was hard)- Indeed Achieved
    Helping at least two people to achieve their goals related to strength training and muscle mass and life quality. -Achieved
    Finally adding a couple inches to my running vertical jump- Achieved

    GOALS SET FOR 2011:

    Full Squatting at least 2.5times bodyweight.
    Deadlifting at least 3times bodyweight.
    Front squatting 1.5times bodyweight.
    Improving hip mobility and thoracic spine mobility.
    Rehabing more my groins and strengthening my abductors and aductors.
    Mastering the one armed chin up.
    Bringing my side split 1/3 away from the floor.
    Adding another couple of inches to my running two feet vertical jump.
    Learning the freaking power clean.
    Getting done with my personal website.
    Getting my certification.
    Helping as much people as possible to achieve their goals.
    Making it at least half way through my master degree and finding a rare breed advisor!lol
    Ultimately becoming a total badass muthefucker.

    Here is it for now,and im already on it,2011 will have to catch up with me cause im not waiting for him.

    I wish for every upcoming people who are going to comment in this page the best in achieving their goals.Keep up the hard work.


  4. Posted by - Jason on December 31, 2010

    I plan to be a better boyfriend, brother, and son. I plan to rehab my shoulder and knee, and make my body a machine. By this time next year, I want to have been able to hang clean 300lbs, sprint a full tabata, and chin up 100lbs…all pain free. Diesel, you’ve helped to give me the the tools, but only I can put myself back together. 2011 is my time to shine.

  5. Posted by - Kevin on December 31, 2010

    Time for a reality check. I am in my mid-forties and in the worst shape of my life. I go through periods of increased fitness and then my work/life commitments take over and I fall back into bad habits.

    My goal for 3011 is to commit myself to improving my fitness as opposed to focusing on my weight. Everything else will take care of itself.
    Here I go…

  6. Posted by - Shayne on December 31, 2010

    My goal for this year is consistent improvement in my strength and fitness. As I am closer to 50 than 40 I want to make sure my flexibility and range of motion improves too. I also want to be a role model for not only my kids and wife but also my friends many of who are my age and telling me that I am “too old” to do some of the things that I do (on the other hand I want to show some of the young guys that I can still keep up).

  7. Posted by - Jeff on December 31, 2010

    2011 will be my year. A year I give back more to those who don’t have as much as I do and a year I dig deep and find out what I am made of.

    In 2003 I was in a motorcycle accident that nearly cost me my leg and my life. 6 surgeries in less than 18 days and 2 1/2 months in a hospital bed caused me to go from playing every sport I could think of and a lean 197 lbs, all the way down to a think and sickly 157 lbs.

    The day I was released from the hospital the doctors told me I am very lucky to have not lost my leg and even luckier to be alive. They told me that unfortunately I would never be able to run and I would walk with a limp and have other gait issues for the rest of my life. As a lifelong athlete the news hit me hard. I was discouraged for months until I finally picked myself up and dusted myself off. Nobody was going to tell me how I was going to life my life. Nobody sets limitations on me !!

    This past year I have finally gotten back to a point where I have been able to squat for the first time in nearly 7 yrs. The weight is not important, the road that took me to where I am now, that’s what is important.

    My goal this year is to complete a half marathon. Not win it, not set a record, but complete it. And I will do it !! Go out and get what’s yours !!

  8. Posted by - jamie on December 31, 2010

    Im going to build even better relationships with my kids and continue to overcome the demons that have beset the past….looking forward.

    Business wise….am going into a new business venture in February, an MMA and strength and conditioning facility. Have spent 3 years plugging away in a tiny facility and this is the next step. Going to cement a place as the place to go in my region for strength and conditioning.
    Also going to finish a bloody training DVD that has been started!

    Training goals…continue to progress with squatting and achieve double bwt squat (currently 1.5)
    Manage and overcome shoulder bursitis (unfortunately didnt achieve muscle up goal this year)
    Continue to focus on hip and thoracic mobility, its come along way this year
    Continue to develop grappling game

    Vison Quest rocks….DIO on the soundtrack!

  9. Posted by - Jan on December 31, 2010

    I am planning to take grip training to next level and form a group which would meet regularly and share ideas with other grip enthusiasts.

    The biggest focus for the next year would be core exercises implemented in everything. Balance boards and swiss ball training combined with leveraged bodyweight exercises. Resistance bands substituting free weights. And as a dancer specializing in lifts I would put much effort into partner training in couples. I think that there is great potential in training routine for men and women together. Not each training session in the week but at least some would certainly enrich the time spent together with our partners and provide a great motivational factor. The year 2011 will surely give us nice 365 days of possibilities!

  10. Posted by - Brett Anthony on December 31, 2010

    Great goals so far, very motivational.

    My goal is simple, I need to wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and see that the person looking back at me is a better individual than the previous day.

    I know what I have to do to achieve this, I have the knowledge to improve my life and those around me, and if I can do that one day at a time then that’s all I need.

  11. Posted by - Ray on December 31, 2010

    Man, all you guys are so inspritational! That HBO boxing vid pumped me up!! Can you imagine the adrenaline flowing through his body as he got to that ring!

    My focus in 2011 is to rise above what I thought possible in 2010. I was ontrack to lose 20 lbs. and let it go as we entered into the Thanksgiving season then snacked too much over Christmas. I recently found a photo of me in college in wrestling and want to get back to being CUT! My goals are to continue to lift and run, to lose that 20 lbs. so that I can be an example to the athletes that I coach and my family! Yeah!

  12. Posted by - Eric on December 31, 2010

    I am continually impressed by the amount of information and inspiration that you provide for free on your blog.

    In 2011 I will do my part to share information and inspiration with the people that I can help by sharing what I’ve learned on my journey.

    On a personal level, I will continue to train and get stronger and go beyond all the things I had been told would be my limits.

  13. Posted by - Leon john on December 31, 2010

    My goal are to get more physically better and to start MMA as soon enough money to. my second goal is to ingnore all the people who said i cant but i believe someday later or soon is to do the impossible. but my true goal is to finally be a fighter to protect my family and friends and to surpass my peers.

  14. Posted by - Ed on December 31, 2010

    My goal for 2011 is simple. Go from 215 to 170 while getting as strong as possible. I’m tired of feeling like crap.

  15. Posted by - Thomas on December 31, 2010

    Hi Smitty,

    2010 i reached most of my goals i set. That was great.
    So for 2011 i will need some new goals.
    I´m a not only a strenght athlet i´m also a freediver.

    1.) So for next year i´m going to take place in the austrian national mastership in freediving. (disceplin static and dynamic with fins)
    With more training i can win this contest.

    2.)So I WILL train more for freediving besides strenght training (breathing technics, O2-tabels, co2 tabels ->freedivingstuff)

    3.) I WILL reach 6Minutes of breathhold, 125m Dynamic and 50M in deepdiving with fins.

    Next year i want to finally close the coc Nr.2 (did´t reach that this year 1mm is left) and work on to 5 reps or even more.

    I also bought a 30mm rope and i want to climb that damn thing. (I couldn´t climb 1 Meter in school. That thing is on the delivery)

    I will quit my membership in the Fitness center and train at home.
    (Need to finish one room in the cellar and buy a power rack. When it is finished you get pictures ;-))

    The other goals in benchpress and so on are set everytime new (Only make small steps)

    So now i must start to prepare for a freediving trainingssession in the pool(stretching my muscels and my lung)

    I wish you, your family and the diesel crew with their familys a happy new year.

  16. Posted by - Prabal on December 31, 2010

    Thats it for me. I am a student who had stopped exercising for past 1 year. I have 1 interview coming up. What I am gonna do is study 10 hours a day and exercise 90 minutes a day and sleep 8 hours. By the end of this year, I am gonna be able to do 50 push ups and 15 pull ups as well as do 5-10 rope pull ups. If I have done this, I would think that I would have worked hard enough. I have to work on my basic strength and conditioning and focussing more on my relative strength. I know I am overweight but I am gonna get rid of excess fat first by doing lot of complexes. And it will be today that I start my quest to achieve those goals.

  17. Posted by - Brent Cunningham on December 31, 2010

    My Goal for 2011 is to complete my degree in Musculoskeletal Therapy with honours and my certificate 3 & 4 in fitness and begin my own method of incorporating strength and athletic training with musculoskeletal therapy working with fascial lines, soft tissues, nerves and correct spine and joint alignment to improve individuals lives. Keep on learning and exploring and working on improving myself in all aspects of life.

  18. Posted by - Andres on December 31, 2010

    2011 is the year of improvement.
    To keep moving forward, nothing will push me to take a step back.

    I will accomplish and I WILL fail. Failing will push me to take action and keep moving forward. Break the walls I didn`t even know I had, showing me the other side of power and mind.

    I will get stonger and healthier. Beast is the word.
    Nothing and no one will put me down.

    POSITIVITY is the key.
    2011, I will remember this year by achievment…

  19. Posted by - Jim S on December 31, 2010

    I plan on owning all of the U.S. NATIONAL MASTERS RECORDS in the sport of weightlifting (snatch, clean & Jerk, and total) in the 45-49 age category 105kg weight class.

  20. Posted by - Craig Caudill on December 31, 2010

    Thanks for the opportunity to create some accountability. Here are my top ten:

    1) I will complete my current cycle of AMD and weigh 240lbs on 3/27/11.

    2) I will continue to teach better nutrition and correct exercise form to my two children.

    3) I will not take my wife for granted.

    4) I will celebrate the grand opening of my garage gym from 3/25/11 to 4/3/11 by offering multiple free trial, small group sessions.

    5) I will increase my gross income in by 65%.

    6) I will attend the monthly meetings of the local “miracle network” style charity and volunteer my time or resources as appropriate.

    7) I will improve my knowledge on a daily basis.

    8) I will faithfully keep a training journal.

    9) I will say what needs to be said.

    10) I will write down these goals and read them when I get up in the morning and before I go to bed at night. I will keep copies accessible during the day.

    Happy New Year to everyone and thanks again for letting me hang it all out there.


    ps. I will watch Vision Quest.

  21. Posted by - Taff-Finn on December 31, 2010

    Just turned 41 & coming to the end of my Military Career, my Goals for 2011? To get back into the shape I was at 21 & to turn my passion for fitness & strength into my 2nd Career!

    My Plan:

    1. Focus my efforts – follow the 80:20 rule that 80% of EVERYTHING comes from 20% of the effort!

    2. So out go all the books on my bookshelf that don’t inspire, in the recycle bin go all the ebooks that don’t produce & the bookmarked websites on my laptop that only rob me of my most precious time.

    3. Lastly OUT go all those crappy single joint bodybuilding assistance exercises!

    Roll on 2011 it’s gonna be a good one!

  22. Posted by - Arik on December 31, 2010

    Frankly speaking I did not set fitness goals for 2010. However, this was still a great comeback year as far as my physical shape is concerned. I learned a lot and started putting that info into practice. My fitness goals for 2011 are to add 5kg of lean muscle and to improve my flexibility (being able to reach side and front splits)

  23. Posted by - Derrick on December 31, 2010

    Hi Smitty!
I’ll start by just saying that I stumbled onto your site about a year ago while looking for info on bodyweight training. It took me about a week to realize that of all the sites I visited, yours was one of the most informative, least bullshit, straight to the point, and simple to follow sites on the web. I am always looking forward to your emails, I won’t win crap for my submission because I never win anything, but I just wanted you to know that at age 31, you changed my life for the better and gave me inspiration and guidance to move forward with my goals.
My 2011 goals are : Increasing my flexibility, improve movement efficiency, have better eating habits, get to 12% body fat, gain muscle and get stronger, to do 10 pull ups for the first time in my life and bench 200 pounds for 10 reps. I do not know if my goals here are specific enough or too much.
Nothing but hard work has been put into my on-going transformation. I don’t want your package to make my transformation easier – that would imply that I’m not enjoying it. I want this package as it would assist me in achieving my main goal of maximizing my potential; physically, mentally and spiritually. To exploit my potential, effort is an obvious essential- One that I will never stop putting in. A lot of effort has been put into constructing the material in your package-It is only fair, that with the package I give it my all… It will be put to maximum use – I’m sure that is what you want to see too… Maybe I could even give you a 60-Day satisfaction guarantee. Looking back, I feel I should replace the word ‘Transformation’ with ‘Lifestyle’…Because a transformation has an end. I’ve realized that this whole thing is a LIFESTYLE. Not just some ‘One month fat loss/muscle gain diet/routine’. – It has become a way of life for me. In addition to this, I’m really trying to involve my wife in this new life I’ve discovered. Your product would really help both of us. She can see the changes I’ve made and how it’s affected my outlook and she’s as hungry as I am to change her body. Using your product would make it easier for both of us. It would get me back on the right path relative to my training.
    There is a quote by a silent film actress, Mary Pickford, that I like to keep in my mind whenever I lose motivation, “The thing we call failure is not the falling down, but the staying down”. I have fallen many times in my journey, but bloody hell, I’m not staying down this time!!
    Thanks for the oppurtunity, Smitty. Happy New Year!
    Daniel Jackson

  24. Posted by - Overman on December 31, 2010

    Lower BP,drop 20 lbs. and increase strength and overall fitness.

  25. Posted by - Alex Papalian on December 31, 2010

    My goals for 2011 are very simple. On this past halloween I experienced a very unfortunate incident in college. I am 18 years old and a freshman at Union College in Schenectady, NY. I play football there and lifting and training and maximizing my athletic ability is my true passion. On halloween I suffered a major eye injury due to a plastic sword hitting me in my eye. Ridiculous stuff, just a freak accident. Point is that i have 2 surgeries since then and currently have 12 stitches in my eye with no lens, a transplanted cornea and no vision currently; leaving me unable to lift anything heavy, overexert myself, or to simply work out at all without risking popping a suture or damaging my eye in any way. Until last week the only tactic i had for controlling my body was diet. I mean, I feel most people here can agree that we spend so much time working out and training and nutrition and everything that we want results and we enjoy the results that we get. So the fact that I cant keep my results is eating me away right now. I was 212 when the injury happened, went down to 190 after a week in the hospital because of all the anesthesia and meds and stuff then back up to like 200, then the 2nd surgery I went back down then back up and now I have been at a steady 195. I have been allowed to start light cardio, means only cardio machines, means no extreme running, sprinting or anything strenuous. Means, I am now that guy that goes in the gym for a 30 minute swaray with the cardio machine. So, my goal is to recover from this as successfully as possible and get back in the game. It is tough for me to get these articles as well as Defranco’s, and Zach Evan-Esh’s and all those guys and watch ad read and know that I am not able to do that stuff, as much as it is killing me that I want to. I have been home for medical reasons now for a while ( and because out winter break is 6 weeks) and I see my tires, sledgehammers, ropes, KB’s and all my other equipment everyday and it makes me feel bad that I am not attacking it. It’s like, with an arm or leg injury (and I have had my fair share of football injuries) you can attack the problem by rehab-ing the hell out of it and you can control the outcome of the situation, but with this, I can’t do anything, but exactly what the doctor says to do (and he doesn’t even want me to play football again…what a joker). It is basically up to my eye to decide whether it wants to reject the graft or not. And it gets better. The second surgery was on thanksgiving and I have to wait until 6-8 months after that to asses the recovery process and decide on the next step…meaning a 3rd surgery when they will put the lens in so I can see. As of now there is no timetable as to when I can start working out and resume my life and passion for killing myself day in and day out just to be the best that I can me. I apologize for the length of this, I didn’t mean for it to turn into a blog, but if you are still with me, this is for you. I just want to say that I pray every day for my recovery and my life and thank god that my injury was not worse than it was. And that all of you stay healthy and I wish you all well on your journeys through this world of fitness and sport. If any of you think you got it rough (your knee is bothering you or you are feeling a little sick) DO NOT let it stop you…attack it and fight through. We are all in this together and you gotta focus and apply yourself and it takes a shitload of hard work, but we can all achieve our goal.

    Stay Strong. Stay Focused. Stay Diesel.

  26. Posted by - Isaac on December 31, 2010

    My goal business wise is to get 42 bootcampers on EFT a month.

    Go to Vegas with my friends in the summer once I hit that goal.

    Once I hit 60 bootcampers- visit my friends in Hawaii.

    Other goals-

    Work on my valgus knees. Stretch my hamstrings to a point where I can hit deep squat well below parallel without losing neutral spine.

    Get as smart as Carson B in regards to functional anatomy.

    Go to 5 seminars this year including PB Newport beach.

    Hit 405 on my Straight bar DL- at a bodyweight of 165

    Front squat 315 clean

    Bench 225 for 5X5

    Beat the RKC KB snatch test.

    Fix muscle imbalances well enough to start learning OL.

    Fix posterior shoulder impingement in left shoulder.

    Thanks for the great info!

  27. Posted by - jeppe on December 31, 2010

    im a basketball player so my goal for 2011 is to get stronger, faster, more eksplosive, quicker , and bigger.
    im a 13 years old kid from denmark who is 5.4 feet tall (point guard) and 118,8 pound heavy
    and im just to freaking weak man`.
    and im also gona get my vert up to 35 inches.

    plus i have a lot of basketball goals too!!!
    im wille trying to go from 118.8 to 136.4 pounds…as fast as i can.


  28. Posted by - Don on December 31, 2010

    I have 3 sons, all who play sports. One of my goals this year is to continue to help them grow not only as athletes but also as young men. To help them by sharing my experiences both good and bad in the gym, on the playing field and in everyday life. I also train and coach 10 young men and this year I want to see each of them get bigger, faster and stronger. With these gains, they will become more confident and their self esteem will grow. Finally, I need to work on growing my business, so that I can assist young adults with becoming better athletes.

    Thank you for everything in 2010 Diesel Crew. You guys have been a wealth of knowledge. I look forward to 2011. Be Well!!!

  29. Posted by - BD on December 31, 2010

    #1 fitness goal:
    No chaff, all wheat. “First Things First” as Stephen Covey says. Big rocks first!

    My wife & I had twins 3 weeks ago and, wow, do those two little diaper-fillers take up some time! Love them with all my heart and want to be here for them for a long, long time (just having my first kids at 41!).
    I need to be all about longevity, conditioning, pre & post-hab and raw, animal strength….created properly & safely with the long-term in mind.
    Who wants the kids to be asked, “Hey is that your grandfather up in the stands watching the game?” NEVER. I’m going to be putting the 30yr old dads to shame when I’m 50. I’m going to have the energy to keep up with my kids & make them strive to keep up with the old man!

    2011 is going to be the best year e-v-e-r.
    Rock on, my friends.

  30. Posted by - Tim on December 31, 2010

    I have three health and fitness goals for 2011.

    1, Hit the gym at least twice a week.
    2, Get a three wheel deadlift (180 kg)
    3, Finally achieve black belt in karate.

    Happy New Year All

  31. Posted by - Chris on December 31, 2010

    Goals for 2011:
    Complete my BS in Exercise Science.
    Get certified as CSCS.
    Maintain current bodyweight of 210 lbs while reducing body fat to below 10%.
    Use my knowledge and experience to help at least 10 people transform themselves.

  32. Posted by - Ben on December 31, 2010

    I will work on flexibilty and rehab my shoulder. I will also take aikido and French classes

  33. Posted by - Louie on December 31, 2010

    To start off with my plans for 2011. I am starting my undergraduate career at the University of Maryland, where I will be studying genetics and mathematics. Everyone says that the transition from high school to college is a rough one, but I’m more excited than anything else. Because I have a liking to find out the meanings behind life and what makes us what we are. So although there will be a lot of studying, I am prepared to work. In addition to this, I have been working hard now to prepare to start my training in mixed martial arts. As of February, I will be working with coaches in muay thai and brazilian jiu jitsu in order to improve my overall game.
    As for my goals, from above, I think they are pretty obvious to see. But there is one thing that I would like to make clear. In total, my main goal for this year is to get a solid time management routine. Because if I can juggle my studies, my MMA, (and not to mention a social life as well), then I will have developed a huge life skill that I am sure will come in handy for the rest of my life. And by beginning a new stage in my life, what better time than any to make sure I have what it takes to work to achieve my goal.

    Thank you Coach Smith for giving me the tools to really step up my training. May you, your family, and your friends have a wonderful New Years and a great 2011!

  34. Posted by - Bob T on December 31, 2010

    2010 – Major goal was to compete at NAS Master Nationals in decent shape and health. Secondary was to be stronger at a lower BW to compete in the LW group ( 600, Log > 300, raw BP >405, raw SQ > 575, Stone > 375, Yoke > 1000 lbs for 50 ft, 20 rep SQ > 385, 10 rep DL > 525.
    And to achieve these goals while being a good professional and a good dad for my 2 kids. As primary care-giver, I also want to learn to find the time to cook a few more different meals for my family. And to continue to improve upon our families charity work and contributions.

  35. Posted by - Bob T on December 31, 2010

    .. IDK what happen, but the post above was cut off strangely… sorry for the repost..

    2010 – Major goal was to compete at NAS Master Nationals in decent shape and health. Secondary was to be stronger at a lower BW to compete in the LW group (231), to learn how to date again (after 20 yrs after recent divorce), and to compete in 4-5 strongman/powerlifting competitions. I’m happy to say I accomplished those personal goals while maintaining my profesisonal life and continuing to be a good father.

    2011 – Major Goal this year is to drop to 225-ish (around June/July)from 250-ish while maintaining most if not all of the strength I’ve trained for over the last few years. Once there I want to continue to improve on all strongman events, train intelligently to learn how to continue getting younger (yes, I am younger than 10 years ago when I was a couch potato) and stronger as I move into my later 40s. Since my strength gains seem to be fluxuate over the past few years, with greater gains in different areas while plateauing in other areas – I would like to set PRs in 3 of these events: raw Deadlift > 600, Log > 300, raw BP >405, raw SQ > 575, Stone > 375, Yoke > 1000 lbs for 50 ft, 20 rep SQ > 385, 10 rep DL > 525.
    And to achieve these goals while being a good professional and a good dad for my 2 kids. As primary care-giver, I also want to learn to find the time to cook a few more different meals for my family. And to continue to improve upon our families charity work and contributions.

  36. Posted by - ryan on December 31, 2010

    Awsome video and workout smitty , always inspritional and badass info bro keep up the good work

  37. Posted by - Terry Elliott on December 31, 2010

    I am so pumped up about finding a site with excellent instruction so I can get started right. I have been using myofacial release with foam rollers for two years and for the life of me can’t figure out why I don’t see more of them around (I call mine, Mr Hurt-y). I am also looking forward to a deeper commitment to dynamic stretches and learning how to do them all in a fluid and efficient manner. Finally, I am going to get a lot stronger this year by consistent lifting with squat, deadlift. benchpress plus lots of cool new lifting ideas I am finding here.

    Goals: At 55 years old I come and go with my lifting, but this is the year that I get focused and get efficient. I will be squatting 250# by this time next year, deadlifting 350# and benching 150#. These may seem very modest goals, but I want to be able to do this all year without injury. That is why your site is so important–good videos with good advice that is easy to understand and then practice.

    Two other goals: a sprint triathlon in March and an olympic in August as well as protein counts over 100g per day and monitoring of all food intake.

    Lastly, I want to make being strong and fit an inevitability through discipline, study, and continuous improvement. I have a longer term goal called a “1000 Days” that entails sustained, care-full, intentional exercise with minimal injury and maximum effect. I am 120 days into this longer term goal so you guys will be an important element in my progress toward secure health. Thanks for the ‘goad’ to comment. I look forward to reading and learning more.

    One suggestion (and if you have already done this but I haven’t found it yet on your site you can ignore this): I would like to have some ‘short’ routines to do as a break from my deskwork. Can you help with that. Maybe a one-minute version, a five-minute version and a ten- minute one as well? Thanks and have a success filled new year and beyond.

  38. Posted by - Jeff W. on December 31, 2010

    Main goals for 2010: Clean up my diet, lose weight and get more exercise. Both were achieved. Started paleo diet July 1 and have lost 30 lbs. Adopted 100 lb. Rotti, Diesel Oct. 1, we are now walking 1 hr. per day.
    Main goals for 2011: Get back in the gym incorporating some of the great content from the Diesel Crew for guidance and motivation and to obtain my ACE certification. Start second career as personal trainer.
    Thanks for the great site and Happy New Year!

  39. Posted by - FrankB on December 31, 2010

    2011 Goals,
    In 2010 at the age of 38 i ran my first 5k obstacle course, at the cost of a shoulder. This year Its my goal to get my joints back in to the attack, loose some serious weight, and be stronger and fitter for my 2 kids. as far as weight lifting goals go, i would like to be somewhere in the 500lb area in my squats and deadlifts, and 300 in my shoulder press, all the while staying limber (last time I went heavy I bound up, hence the shoulder troubles)
    Thats it gents Happy New year, and keep em rolling.

  40. Posted by - Josh on December 31, 2010


    Great website/blog!

    My goals for 2011 are as follows:
    1. Start my own training business (well on the way to that already!)
    2. Continue with my education in all things fitness & training related
    3. Work with professional athletes
    4. Inspire more people to become the fittest/healthiest they have ever been
    5. Improve all my 1RM’s for Squat, Deadlift, Clean and Snatch
    6. Include more intervals, agility and plyo sessions in my program
    7. Generally just be a beast!!

    Looking forward to 2011!!



  41. Posted by - Sue on December 31, 2010

    Goals for 2010
    * 5 full pull ups: achieved
    * reduce BW to 115#: achieved then lost during Christmas week 🙁

    Goals for 2011
    * consistently maintain 110-115# BW
    * decrease bodyfat % by 2 points while maintaining BW
    * full frontal splits both sides
    * measurably increase upper back, shoulder, and hip flexibility to reduce back pain
    * get selected to be a member of Dubai 253 (2012) and the Dubai 500 (2013) skydiving world record

    I like to keep my goals simple and achievable to remain motivated to set new ones. If I meet my goals early, then I’ll set more goals because I’ve always got to have something to aim for.

  42. Posted by - Nathaniel on December 31, 2010

    For me, 2010 was the biggest year of my life, both in and out of the gym. In the gym I learned consistency, ab finished my first complete program (Show and Go). Outside of the gym it was the year I got married, went on an amazing honeymoon, bought a new car, lost two pets and my sister moved to town.

    2011 will be the year of the baby! She’s due in April and our world will change
    completely. I know this will impact my gym consistency, but I’m determined not to fall off the wagon! Which means I need to learn some awesome, compact workouts, and I need to be spot on with my diet because my sleep patterns are going to be seriously messed up. It will be a challenge, but I’m looking forward to it.


  43. Posted by - Tom on December 31, 2010

    December 31, 2010

    Fitness Goals for 2011
    Age 56
    Height 6’3”
    Weight 224 (never been this heavy/fat)

    I did nothing but whine in 2010. This was the first time in many years that I did not work out or train in any manner. Here is my Vision Quest for 2011.

     Back to the gym – It has been one year
     Develop a 12 month fitness/workout plan
     Lose 25 pounds of body fat
     Gain 20 pounds of muscle
     Find that 34” waist not the 40” that exists
     Re-educate myself on nutrition
     Eliminate the junk – I LOVE SUGAR
     Stop eating processed food
     Stop eating lunch with the guys at work – Go to the gym
     Discover and show the six pack that is hiding under the fat
     Squat – 300
     Bench – 250
     Incorporate Olympic lifts
     10 pull ups (cannot do 1!)
     Get on my bicycle and ride
     Back to Spin Classes
     Sleep – the exercise should eliminate the fitful sleep patterns

    Personal Goals

     Wake up every morning and thank God for all that I have
     Volunteer/Mentor
     Train my nephew over the summer (football, H.S. Junior to be)
     Train our best friend’s son (basketball, soccer and baseball, sophomore to be)
     Take weekend trips with my wife to discover the USA on our bikes
     Take acting classes
     Money? I will just put that out to the universe and not worry about it
     Continue drinking in the motivation from Smitty and the Diesel Crew
     Re-discover Route 6 and visit my new “Mecca” in Wyalusing (I went to college at Mansfield oh so many years ago. Cannot wait to take that ride for the first time in over 30 years!)

    Thank you for the kick in the pants. I wrote it down. I gotta perform.

    Peace. Good Luck to everyone Let’s Rock.

  44. Posted by - Jerry Shreck on December 31, 2010

    I am going to finish some products that I have been working on. One of which is my book that has been a work in progress for two years! This is going to be a good year for me! Happy New Year!!

  45. Posted by - Jamie Cunningham on December 31, 2010

    My goals for 2011

    Short Term:(1 week-3 months)

    Recover 100% from patella tendonitis
    bench 220lb
    squat 290lb full depth
    Deadlift 350lb
    10 full range BW pull ups
    work on dynamic flexilbity at least 5 times per week
    work on footwork and technique for at least 8 hours per week
    motivate and lead my teammates to make them better every day
    Focus on proper nutrition

    Long Term:(4 months to 1 year)

    Recieve All conference and All Europe honours for football(Junior Quarterback in high school) going into my senior year.
    Get straight A’s in my classes
    Bench 260lb
    Squat 330lb
    Deadlift 390lb
    18 full range BW pull ups
    40 yd dash from 5.00 to sub 4.9

  46. Posted by - BWall on December 31, 2010

    Goals for 2010:
    Go from isolated leg extensions to figuring out squats (with your video help) This helped my knees quite a bit.
    Go from isolated hamstring curls to standing bent over pulls. This also helped me knees quite a bit.
    Work up to level 14 for one hour on the stair master, 3x per week
    Get body fat percentage down to 15%
    Climb Mount Rainier
    All of these were accomplished, except I turned back an hour from the summit of Rainier due to dangerously high wind and afterwards, I let my body fat comp climb back up during the ‘off season’.

    Goals for 2011:
    Switch back to free bar bench press and get off machines for that, which I haven’t done in over 15 years
    Free press 225, previous best in college was 205
    Work up to squat 225 sets, currently at 175
    Get body fat comp down to 10% by June
    Climb Rainier again in July (trip already set)

    I am working with some guys who are helping me figure out the squat and a guy who said he will help me with the free press. The rest is just going to be research, calorie adjustment, and staying focused. Tough goals for a 45 year old, but I think I can do it.

  47. Posted by - PAT on December 31, 2010

    Over the past year due to this site and elitefts I have learned more about training than I ever thought possible. My goals for 2011 are Deadlift 500, bench 400, Overhead Press 225. I am also going to open my own place that is dedicated to training young athletes. My goal is to teach kids how to train properly focusing on technique and programming.

  48. Posted by - pete on December 31, 2010


    My goal is simple. I will be relentless in the pursuit of my visions (just like Swain!) and put into action the neccessary steps to achieve them.

    Specifically, I want to and will achieve financial stability in these hard economic times. I want to and will take my fitness to the next level to become strong as hell and become a force to be reckoned with in the gym and in life. I want to and will become a better, more self-less leader. I want to and will drive myself to continually climb the ladder of excellence each and every day of this year.

    Good luck to everyone else in the relentless pursuit of your visions, goals, and aspirations! Happy New Year, Warriors!

  49. Posted by - Robby on December 31, 2010

    Recently, my uncle died and he was a big part of my life personally and for my athletic goals. He played college baseball and in the minors for a few years and ever since I was born he kind of took me under his wing. I lifted with him five days a week every week for the last eight years. In the winters, we would go hit in a cage he had in his basement and in the summers we would run bleachers at the high school stadium down the street. Anyway, after his accident and passing about a month ago, I’ve taken it upon myself to dedicate this year to him. I recently committed to a small NAIA school for baseball a few hours from home and I will start as a freshman for my uncle. I am going to continue what we did for so many years in the weightroom and on the field. I’ve had about a month layoff but since I got this email from Smitty, I realized it was time to move on. 2011 is for my uncle and there is nobody that can stop me from achieving my goals.

  50. Posted by - Tom on December 31, 2010

    Well I am determined to not give up. I hit 46 this year but look and most days feel 15 years younger. My goals are to increase my squat/hang cleans/powercleans/deadlift and standing press. It is tough recovering now at this age but I will continue to train smart and eat healthy. I am supplement free. I have small joints and only weigh in at (in shape) about 176 pds at 5″9. My squat is my biggest challenge and I just want to get to 225 pds squating comfortably. I will get someone to film me this year doing my squats so I can check my form better. My other goal is to stay dedicated to my Karate practice and visit my dojo in Japan and enter a tournament or two. I will not give up and ultimately would like to put on at least 5 more pounds of muscle.

  51. Posted by - allie on December 31, 2010

    goals for 2011: continue busting ass and trying my best. improve all lifts, maintain excellent form, spend more time on warm ups to avoid those little “not warmed up” strains and tweaks. continue to focus on my compound lifts and listen to my body as i strengthen and work towards a strong physique.

  52. Posted by - Randy on December 31, 2010

    My Goals for 2011 are fairly simple.

    1. I want to establish a workout schedule that allows me to build muscle and get cut. I would like to pack on 10 pounds of muscle and get my body fat down to under 10%. Setting a example of an exercise program would set a great example for my daughters who both have Cyctic Fibrosis.

    2. I would like to have record growth and profits in my business. I’m shooting for a 30 % growth rate.

    3. I would like to be a better family man and husband. I need to work on patience and reducing stress at home.

    4. I will commit to paying down my debt and increasing my revenues

    This is my commitment for 2011

  53. Posted by - Steven on December 31, 2010

    I did my workouts very consistently throughout 2010 but did not achieve my goal of 200 lbs., defeating my gut and man boobs. Saw some improvement there but I need to get more done in that area in 2011. Still sitting on 185-187. Upping my free weights with each work out. Maybe my diet just isn’t where it should be to get me where I want to be. Sweets are my downfall and at this time of year they are everywhere and I find it very difficult to resist. (I’m a very bad boy.)
    Better results to come in 2011!

  54. Posted by - Brad MacMillan on December 31, 2010

    My goal is to get down to a real 8%bodyfat@ 170lbs. Right now I am about 12-14% @ 175lbs. I also want to better conditioned and have more mobility. As far as strengh goes I would like to be able to trap bar deadlift 500lbs.

  55. Posted by - Mark on December 31, 2010

    I have been focused on building consistency in my workout program for the last 3 months after 10 years on inconsistent workout plans since college. About a month ago, I found Smitty’s videos (through a recommendation from Stronglifts) and ordered AMD 2.0 the day it was released. Now that I have built consistency in my routine, 2011 is the year that I focus on specific strength and fitness goals. For the next 3 months, I am simply working on building strength on the main lifts (squats, deadlifts, bent over rows, bench and overhead press), while building up some conditioning. I am using the AMD template, but not the actual workouts. By the 2nd quarter of the year, I will use the AMD workouts to build up my lean body mass and athletic strength. I continually take measurements to monitor my progress and set new mini goals to better achieve my overall goal for the year, which is……185 lbs and single digit body-fat. Best of luck to everyone in 2011!

  56. Posted by - Michael on December 31, 2010

    My goal is like some of the other ones on here already. I have consistently trained inconsistently in 2010. That needs to change. I need to set a better example for my 2 year old and 8 month old sons(part of the reason for inconsistency-or at least my “excuse”), as well as for my beautiful loving, much younger wife(by 9 years!). As I am no longer a Spring Chicken I must remain in the best condition possible with a focus on quality mobility, to stay in shape over the next 30-40 years for my family’s sake. Not a whole lot of specificty, because the speficities will work themselves out week by week, adding weight to the bar, improving times&PRs,etc. Also big thanks to Disel Crew for what you guys do and the impact you have had on our lives!

  57. Posted by - Viv on December 31, 2010

    I achieved a lot with my fitness goals in 2010 which I am so greatful for. I was consistant with my training and lost 25 Lbs. There is always room for improvment.
    For 2011, I plan on:
    eating cleaner and better than before (and juicing).
    Improving my technique
    staying consistent with my workouts
    using Smitty’s workouts and stretches (which are so great)
    taking up a new sport/new activities
    loose more weight/body fat
    be a better person
    staying positive

  58. Posted by - Tom on December 31, 2010

    My 2011 goals are:

    1. Be at the gym 3-5 times a week.

    2. Increase my warmup times to 15-20 minutes following your warmup plan

    3. Complete the 16 week AMD program twice and work on the third

    4. Improve my overall strength and conditioning

    5. Get to my goal weight of 185 (currently at 219)

  59. Posted by - Tami C. on December 31, 2010

    My goals for 2011 are to lose 30 pounds, work on improving my deadlift, squat, press and power clean, and testing for my black belt in judo in October. I’m also working on building myself a prowler and sled, and I see lots of “quality” time spent with them in the new year.

  60. Posted by - Jim on December 31, 2010

    I just started a new job about a month ago, and most other areas of my life have not recieved the attention they deserve, most notably my health, my children and my wife.
    Therefore, my goal for 2011 is to divide my time among my priorities better and give myself and my family the care and attention needed to live a happy, healthy life.

  61. Posted by - Kieron on December 31, 2010

    My focus is on variety . . . I’m not the strongest guy on the block, but I keep the intensity high and constant focusing on a lot of bodyweight/flexiblity type things. Strengthen the body and mind!

    My other main focus is my family and maximizing the time I spend with my wife . . . time spent together is time well spent! We as a couple in are in that marriage rut of sorts, but we both know it and are looking forward to breaking through the plateau.

    Thanks Smitty!!

  62. Posted by - William P. Smith on December 31, 2010

    1) Lose 50 pounds by working out more consistently with a variety of workout methods(strong life/starting strength, art of strength-kettlebells, yoga, swimming)

    2) Improve my basketball skills by playing/practicing more frequently

    3) do a set of 10 unassisted pull ups

  63. Posted by - Andres on December 31, 2010

    My goal that I started about a week ago is to better prepare myself for Marine Corps boot camp and to show my mom that this is a good decision. Goals that will continue for a lifetime that I have also been working on is to become a better leader and person for myself and the people around me.

    Happy New Year Diesel Crew. Keep up the amazing work.

  64. Posted by - Jesse on December 31, 2010

    Awesome squat tips dude, as always. I just read “The Four Hour Body” read it in about three days and that’s rare for me. In the book Tim suggest “measure and track SOMETHING. . . ANYTHING”. That one tip will help most people. Get help from a friend/coach and stick to it. Very few people go directly, linear, towards their goal(zig-zag).

  65. Posted by - John on December 31, 2010

    My goal for 2011 is to continue to improve my body and mind. I’ve gotten stronger in 2010 and look to be healthier in every aspect of my life.

    There will always be bigger and stronger guys than me but I want to be the biggest and strongest I can be.

  66. Posted by - Woody on December 31, 2010

    Stop obsessing over exercise. Get in, get it done and enjoy life!

    Shake things up! Get out of the same old groove of non-achieving.

    hit the physio/rehab exercises hard.

    Hit the conditioning – my cardio has gone downhill.

    Stop eating delicious Bk….etc….

    Pack on some more muscle.

    Back to sparring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Posted by - Lisa on December 31, 2010

    I just signed up for my first TRIATHALON TODAY for May! My first goal is to get over my fear of riding a bike on the road..It’s been over 35 years or more..LOL crazy.. I actually teach a spin class every week…
    I can do anything I set my mind to do!
    I lead by example..I want to continue to motivate all other people over 50 that it is never too late to be fit, healthy and strong. We continue to have the power to transform our bodies into anything we want to! I am so excited everyday to just pop out of bed and pursue my dream and passion and even get the chance to inspire others and get paid for doing it. Life doesn’t get much better than this you guys! LOL

  68. Posted by - Kevin on December 31, 2010

    My main goals for 2010 were to hold all four state records for my weight class in USAPL powerlifting. Mission accomplished. Now for 2011 I am going to make it a quest to see my abs. I am sick of this gut and it needs to go. And all the while stay competetive in powerlifting. Also to be the best father I can be to my new son.

  69. Posted by - Cory on December 31, 2010

    My goals are to be consistent. 3 workouts a week at minimum. To cook my own meals so I can lose belly fat while still getting stronger. And to build the best beach body of my life for summer 2011!

  70. Posted by - Robert on December 31, 2010

    In 2010, I felt like I finally got back on track with training. Prior to 2010, I’d still workout but life stuff would get in the way so that I’d often train 2-3 times a week with just strength work. Now, I’ve added in better warmups, a conditioning component and a flexibility component in addition to strength training. With the consistentcy, my mobility and strenght has improved and I think I’m looking leaner.

    In 2011 I’m aiming for the following:
    1.) Continue to refine and stick with a diet that avoids processed foods
    2.) Bench 300 and Deadlift 400

  71. Posted by - Matt on December 31, 2010

    I see that mostly everyone posted a million different goals they have accomplished or are planning to accomplish in 2011. I will spare your eyes Smitty. I have become a grip freak and I am unable to stop training and accomplishing my goals (this is definitely not a bad thing)!

    Main goals of 2010-

    Close IM #3 gripper – done
    Train with Jedd Johnson at his fortress in PA- done
    Deal with my spinal situation or just suck it up and train- done

    Main goals of 2011-

    1. Compete in a grip competition
    2. Certify Mash Monster level 1
    3. Slam my BBE shut! (4mm away!)

    This is what I have to offer up for my vision quest.. My journey..
    All I have left to do is just do it!

    With the inspirational stuff I receive from you and Jedd.. I can’t see how I can go wrong.

    Happy new year everyone and god bless!

  72. Posted by - Andrej Cervenka on December 31, 2010

    I can’t wait to open my own place on January 15th, so my plan is to give it 120% and hope it will be successful, it’s been a great so far. Also I plan to move to house with my girl, and last but not least train my lil Jack russell at least every other day. Happy New Year to everybody.

  73. Posted by - Mosley on December 31, 2010

    Goals for 2011:
    Run more (I’m good at it and it is good for me so why not?)
    Get stronger
    Get leaner
    Be a good (better) husband
    Be a good mentor to my high school mentee

  74. Posted by - Daryl on December 31, 2010

    I will finish creating the most successful fitness/athletic training that I can. I will become stronger in mind, body, and spirit. I will be the best husband and father to my wife and baby girl. All aspects of my life will come into place with hard work and commitment to excellence. If something gets in my way I wil go over, under, around, or through it. I will not be stopped in 2011 or any year. No more new years resolutions. I am making life resolutions. Failure is not an option. I will keep moving forward while learning and improving. I will keep focused. I will be humble. I will stay hungry. I will get stronger everyday. Happy New Year! Happy New Life!

  75. Posted by - Peter on December 31, 2010

    My goals in 2010 involve gaining 30 pounds of muscle and improving my cardio so I can be a better contributer to my football team

  76. Posted by - Simeon on December 31, 2010

    Improve strength. 315 bench, 405 squat, 495 deadlift. Not elite numbers, but ok for a 6’3″ basketball player:)

    Cut bodyfat. Currently about 14% at 215, want to hit single digits by April (getting married that month).

    Expand youth training business to offer more continuity, throughout the year, as well as for athletes of different ages to progress as they move from elementary-junior high-high school.

    Keep learning: 2-3 seminars. 2-3 books per month (training, nutrition, business, success, etc.)

    Enjoy time with family. Both my fiance and our immediate families who live not far away.

  77. Posted by - Mark on December 31, 2010

    Goals for 2011
    1) Continue healthy eating
    2) Maintain single digit body fat
    3) Add 30lb to both squat and deadlift
    4) Get my wife to the gym and begin a fitness program
    5) Add old school workouts to my routine

  78. Posted by - Ann on December 31, 2010

    Building my strength back is my goal. I went from an Oly lifter to a monther of twin daughters 20 months ago. Besides having a bevy of post-partum injuries (knee issues, shoulder issues) we also moved to a city that has no Oly gyms, so it’s back to the commercial gym for me. I need to rehab my shoulder which is still bugging me, and get back to lifting heavy. Even though I’ve been working out regularly, I’ve wasted away to 115 lbs. I need to get back to eating more and also eating cleaner.

  79. Posted by - Blake Vajgrt on December 31, 2010

    My goal for 2011, is to get a solid year of training while making it injury free! The last two years I’ve been set back because of a broken wrist and torn ligaments in my ankle. I want to gain mass, I’m currently am 6 foot and 175 lbs and want to get lean mass and increase my weight and get diesel. For specific lift goals, I just want to increase weight while mastering technique. Technique is something I want to improve on my deadlift, squat, and bench. I’m currently in school at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and majoring in Nutrition, Exercise, and Health science and Math Education. I want to get straight A’s for school and pursue a deeper understanding of fitness related topics.

  80. Posted by - Jason A. on December 31, 2010

    I am planning on leaving the big gym thing and start my own pt training business. I plan on certifing as a RKC member and want to work at nail bending and some other cool grip training 🙂
    i want to be able to pistol squat with 16kg kettlebells on both legs.
    I will achieve my goal of
    100 push ups bw
    100 sit ups
    100 squats bw
    100 chinups
    in 8min or less i have done 11min 6seconds

    keep up the great work on the website guys look foward to meeting you guys in person someday
    Jason Arnold

  81. Posted by - rob s on December 31, 2010

    I’m tired of just coasting through life. I’m going to grab life by the horns in 2011. My goals for the new year are basic. Better and active relationship w/ my family, a positive career change, and a healthy active lifestyle free of medications. I turned 40 in OCT and will feel 30 by my 41st birthday.

  82. Posted by - BRUTUSPLAC on December 31, 2010

    At age 44 and 6-0 283 lbs I decided last week to do a 180 degree turn.
    drop to under 250lbs and go back to training for 5 k’s ( under 25mins ) and compete in my first Warrior Dash on August 13 , 2011
    at Windhan Mountain in Windham New York ,with former high school class mates.
    Spend 2011 dropping overall bodyfat from 23% to under 12% ( Goal)
    MY VISION QUEST. I have the dvd since i broke the video from watching it who the heach knows how many times.
    I was a Senoir in High School when LOWEN SWAINE changed my life.
    I train alone in my garage gym BRUTUSPLAC
    i wish everyone the best on thier goals
    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 !!!!!!!!!!

    PEACE ,
    Mark in CT .

  83. Posted by - Carl on December 31, 2010

    Great site thanx for the help

  84. Posted by - Brian on December 31, 2010

    My fitness goals for 2011 are to continue to set PRs at bench hoping for 1.5 x bodyweight and deadlift at 2.5 x bodyweight as well as up my pullups from sets of 10-12 to 20 in 2011. Other big goals are to grow my client base and increase my revenue from my personal training business plus welcome my first child into this crazy world. Hoping for a son but will spoil the hell out of a baby girl too!

  85. Posted by - Carl on December 31, 2010

    I want to one of the strongest out if my friends and gain more muscle mass and loss fat

  86. Posted by - JP McElwee on December 31, 2010

    I never really make a new years resolution (because I feel every day is a new day to make a change and a new start) but you know what, I’ll give it a go. I’m going to get my finances in order. Push harder towards being healthy. Educate myself in every area that I can. Honestly… I just want to be a better person , all around.
    I know sounds lame, but I’m not good talking about it. I just like to make decision and just go. Thanks for everything. Be well.

  87. Posted by - Sotirios Kalliantasis on December 31, 2010

    My goals are more nutrition based and knowing when to call it quits in the gym because I have been known to overtrain which is a funny problem to have. Consistency is also neccesary.

  88. Posted by - Tod Twist on December 31, 2010

    My goal is to establish a regular workout schedule (half free weights and half bodyweight exercise–three of each every two weeks) and drop 15-20 pounds. I have specific goals about some weights and reps. I also will clean up my diet and cut way back on the sweets.

  89. Posted by - David Sonnenq on December 31, 2010

    My “event” is alpine climbing. My goals are quite simple: strap on a 50 pound pack plus ropes, crampons and ice axe, hike/climb 8 miles and gain 8,000 vertical feet. Then set up camp, sleep, eat and repeat until I get to the top, then go back down.

    I’ve been climbing for years. But, this year, I’m aiming for 5-6 routes up our local volcano, a couple hundred miles of loaded hiking, then Mt. Rainier in December. That’s all prep for Denali in 2012.

    I’m 63 now, so this is likely my last shot at Denali, before Medicare kicks in.

    Denali takes a good three weeks of hard-edge climbing, total-body strength, quick recovery, superb endurance, and a little luck.

    I’ve found that AMD, particularly the warm-ups and tight focus on big compound moves is giving me the balanced strength that I need. I found a lot of benefit from the rehab drills for shoulders and back, plus hip mobility warm ups.

    My plan is as simple at my goal: Strength training through March, power plus strength April through June, then maintenance while I focus on endurance and climbing summer and fall.

    After a couple months of AMD, I’m squatting 1X body weight and deadlifting 2X. By the end of March, I plan to be squatting 1.5X and deadlifting 2.5X — injury free and flexible. I’ll plan my power routines in March.

    Now, Smitty, let’s talk about that last ingredient: luck…

  90. Posted by - Nicole on December 31, 2010

    my goal for 2011 is to overcome injuries and get back into the gym as regularly as possible. I know you warm up videos and all the others will help

  91. Posted by - Sal on December 31, 2010

    Conditioning and nutrition! Especially the nutrition part. I work out on a consistent basis with a good regimen but my nutrition is holding me back. I love sugar! Time to change that. Carbs from veggies and fruits, lean proteins, no processed foods, drink my water, cut back on caffeine, and PUT IN WORK!

    Also, have a safe and happy New Year everybody.

  92. Posted by - Evan on January 1, 2011

    Hey, Happy New Year to everyone at Diesel Crew. I’d just like to say something before I tell you my goals. I’m a sixteen year old student from Ireland. I’m not a full time working father and don’t have many difficulties compared to the rest of the people here. In fact the only reason I would really like to win this fantastic gift is because I cant buy them myself (no credit card :(). Now on to my goals. Overall I want to pile slabs of muscles onto my skinny frame. Also I’m aiming to improve my athletic endurance so I’m not just all show and no go – by this time next year I aim to run a six minute mile. These goals will also have a positive affect on other aspects of my life like my self confidence. Thanks again to everyone at Diesel Crew for the continued support!

  93. Posted by - Paul on January 1, 2011

    2011 Goals

    1 Be a better husband, father, and friend
    2 Finish my education and maintain or improve my currrent grade point average of 3.67
    3 get in better shape by turning my 190lb “skinny fat” body into 190lb of lean muscle.
    4 Stop using my kidney transplant as an excuse for being out of shape and feeling terrible. Its my lazyness and poor diet that is causing that.

  94. Posted by - Joe on January 1, 2011

    Really didn’t accomplish last years goals a shoulder injury lack of motivation and three kids and a wife.
    Well this year the wife is aboard she is motivating, preparing healthier foods and on my back about exercising (which is good)I just need a program to follow and I believe I will succeed. Thanks for providing all the information you guys do it does give me direction.

  95. Posted by - Vito on January 1, 2011

    Goals for 2011:

    Include more conditioning and metabolic training into my life
    Squat 2x’s BW
    Strengthen my Neck
    Increase overall flexibility
    Start being active in my currently empty website
    inspire someone
    become inspired
    live in the moment
    move in with GF
    play outdoors more
    continue to be active and teach daughter health lifestyle habits
    practice martial arts
    REALLY start living life
    there’s more but i won’t bore anyone

    Good luck to everyone in their goal achievements in 2011
    May everyone be happy, healthy, and wealthy.

  96. Posted by - Tom on January 1, 2011


    It’s time to get off my ass and get back into shape. The last few years I have turned into a couch potato after 40 years of training. 2011 is the year!!! Goal – lose 40 pounds, lower my BP, run 10K’s, and keep up with my kids.
    Your e-mails are motivational. Your training videos are great. Keep up the good work.

    Train hard and live forever,
    Happy New year

  97. Posted by - Darrin Shallman on January 1, 2011

    My lifting goals are deadlift 430lb, squat 300lb, bench press 275lb, neck curl 100lb for 150reps, side neck raise 100lb for 40 reps, and neck extension 45lb for 100reps. My grip goals are to bend a Diamond Classic Horseshoe, bend a 6.5in x ¼ in grade 8 bolt, plate curl a 35lb plate, and close a COC #2 gripper with both hands. Another goal for 2011 is to be the best person I can be.

  98. Posted by - Javier on January 1, 2011

    What’s up Smitty,

    My goals for 2011 are as follow:

    1. finish my buisness logo.
    2. get my buisness name registered.
    3. have my marketing plan done.
    4. start my buisness bank account.
    5. hold my first small group fitness training session (MMA style)by Feb 19th and then every saturday after that.
    6. have 60 clients for 1 on 1 personal training.
    7. focus on personal strength/conditioning workouts… 4 days a week 2 days of martial arts training (MMA)… 2 days of recovery.
    8. change eating habits to eating cleaner 90% of the time.
    9. read 60 books… 20 on fitness… 20 self-improvemet… 20 buisness/marketing.
    10. obtain sports nutrition cert. (already have the course study materials).
    11. mentor and train 2 PT trainers to help me with existing clients… so that I could focus on growing my business.
    12. attend 4 fitness seminars (1 per quarter).
    13. Take 3 vacations with my girl(Puerto Rico, Mexico and a cruise).
    14. I will drop my body fat from 24% down to 15%.
    15. start to take stepd to open up my own warehouse gym (1200-2000 sq ft.)

    This is a snap shot of what my 2011 goals are. I have a more in detail day & time schedule where I have specific dates and daily steps that I have to take in order to make them happen, but this email would of been too long and taken up too much memory. LOL!


  99. Posted by - Trey Potter on January 1, 2011

    I have several goals for 2011. Some are personal, some are professional, and others have to do with my training.

    -Take an evening each week to spend with my wife. No phones, just the two of us.
    -Pay down a significant amount of my debt.

    -Open my own training facility by July 1st.
    -Get my website set up and rolling with kick ass info and a newsletter.
    -Be able to make training my full time job and not side work.

    -Compete in my first powerlifting and possibly my first strongman or bodybuilding competition.
    -Hit a 315 bench, 400 squat, and 400 deadlift by December 1st.
    -10% bodyfat by December 1st.

    Since my wife and I are finally settled into a town where we’re planning on staying I’m going to make 2011 the year I turn everything around for the better.

  100. Posted by - Lennart on January 1, 2011

    Heya guys,

    I have big plans for 2011, not only strength but also develop my personality.. complete this hard study year and stuff.

    My goals for 2011 with strength are
    – 2x BW DL
    – 2x BW Back Squat
    – 1x BW Bench
    – 1x BW OH press
    – improve overall mobility and posture
    – beachproof
    – help others to reach their maximum potential
    – have fun at it.

    I will do everything to do it, im 17 years old but not as usual as others, i do not drink, smoke or use drugs.. only for one reason: I want to use my maximum potential !

    2011 let’s kick some major ass !

  101. Posted by - Pat K. on January 1, 2011

    Would like to complete a 50mi ultra trail marathon. Training isn’t the issue, its more of adjusting a busy schedule to allow for it.

    Sustain adventure racing and getting faster…stronger.

    Would also like to finally kick off a small training business…firearms and tactics for LEO.

    Hope everyone meets their goals!

    Stay safe!

  102. Posted by - Matthew on January 1, 2011


    deadlift 2*bodyweight

    love peace and happiness 2 all

  103. Posted by - Jeff on January 1, 2011

    Goals for 2011. Enter/compete light heavyweight BJJ tournament, 50# weighted pullups for 10, Benchpress – 315, Squat – 405 and Deadlift 515.

  104. Posted by - Bill on January 1, 2011

    2011 is going to be a great year!!! I plan to lose 50 pounds of fat, by dieting and working out. I know that making a commitment is the first step to achieving these goals. I turn 40 this year, so I am going to make it one of my best years. I also love the movie Vision Quest but what wrestler wouldn’t.

  105. Posted by - Jay on January 1, 2011

    My goal for 2011 is simple, but yet not, to exercise everyday. It calls for a level of commitment which I have yet to show. That will be my challenge. Have a wonderful New Year everyone. Peace.

  106. Posted by - Alexander on January 1, 2011

    In 2010 I became a personal trainer, and achieved tripe certification

    I graduated from college in 3 years with my bachelors

    I deadlifted 2x my bodyweight

    I learned to SQUAT after never having done so before, and front squatted my bodyweight

    I read over a dozen books on training by some of the best authors in the field

    I ate clean 90% of the time, and dropped my bodyfat to an all time low of 10%, which I have maintained month in and month out

    Goals for next year

    Deadlift 2.5 times my bodyweight (500 pounds)

    Squat 2x my bodyweight (400 pounds)

    Be an even better coach and trainer than I am now

    Become even Strong(er) than I am now

  107. Posted by - tash on January 1, 2011

    My goals for 2011:
    1. Complete 260 workouts
    2. Drop body fat by 10%
    3. see my abs!

    Thanks for all the info! Happy New Years!!!!

  108. Posted by - Carlos Jesena on January 1, 2011

    My 2011 top 10:
    1.) Walk the walk – I promise to put up and SHUT UP.
    2.) Work – Spend more time DOING AMD than online WATCHING AMD.
    3.) Respect – stop talking shit, I haven’t earned the right to.

    Thank you for all the information, Smitty.

  109. Posted by - Carlos Jesena on January 1, 2011

    ^I meant top THREE, sorry

  110. Posted by - Anthony D on January 1, 2011

    This year I would love to…
    Deadlift 450
    Bench 350
    Squat 405 legit
    Press 225
    – Drop bodyweight down from 210 -> 185
    – Finish my second degree
    – Coach a bad ass youth performance group
    – Write the Westside test
    – Get Married
    – Open a gym in my home town and kick ass every day thereafter

  111. Posted by - Noah Wiles on January 1, 2011

    Outside of the gym I plan to continue being an awesome father and husband.

    Inside of the gym I want to improve my over flexibility and general athletic abilities. AMD 2.0 was my first step towards that goal.

    I also plan to bring my squat back up after an L5 nerve injury exactly a year ago.

  112. Posted by - marc on January 1, 2011

    after getting a physical 4 years ago, and finding out i was pre- diabetic i decided to make a change. i’ve since seen a nutritionist and she put me on the path to a healthy more active life. now that i have changed my life for the better my goals seem to change with it. i have now become a full time student ( going for an associates degree in advanced health and physical fitness) at the end of my course i will be testing for my ACSM and NASM certs. my goal is to kick this courses ass and head right into a bachelors, hopefully a masters (kinesiology). i would really like to help as many people as possible to lead a healthier more athletic lifestyle.another lifetime goal has been to work in baseball somewhere and plan on making that happen as well. oh yeah i’m 42 yrs. old and a finish carpenter i made the decision that 2011 is my year and am going to change my life forever. good bye 2010 and good riddence, who needs you anyway. always be a leader and not a follower and remember can’t lives on won’t street!

  113. Posted by - Bill Webb on January 1, 2011

    I want to lose the last 5-10 pounds of fat.
    I want to continue to learn more about fitness and what it would take to eventually become a personal trainer.
    I want to find the right job when I move back to the US in June.
    I want to be on the same continent as all of my children and enjoy some time with them even though two will be in college.
    I want to date my wife each week.

  114. Posted by - Tom on January 1, 2011

    I’m getting older so I need to continue to keep myself in shape so I don’t experience problems I see others of my age experiencing. I see them taking pills, going to the doctor and being overweight. I have to work hard to keep myself from experiencing those problems that they are experiencing. I’ve always worked out so I need to stay the course and work through all those new aches and pains I’m experiencing. I also coach track and I want to set an example for my athletes of a lifelong lifestyle. I also use what I’ve learned to make them better athletes and help them prevent injuries.

  115. Posted by - carmen cassella on January 1, 2011

    It is already 2011 here in kyrgyzstan and while everyone else went to the bar, I went to the gym! My goal for ’11 is to become a better fighter. I closed my own business so I can train full time this year and do what it takes to improve my game. But more important then that is to help my parents to get in shape. My father went though cancer treatments last fall and has not been healthy for a long time. My mother also, and we always talk about how they should be taking better care of themselves but never seem to follow through. Not this year! I will not sit back and watch them continue down that unhealthy road this year. I will do whatever it takes to help them set goals of their own and help them reach those goals. If I can do that, that will be the best accomplishment I can do. I know I will get bigger, faster, stronger this year and even if I win every fight, what good is that if my family is not there with me.

    Thank you, Team Dieselcrew, for all that you do and for helping everyone reach their goals this year!

    Now stop reading these and get back to work!

  116. Posted by - Kirk on January 1, 2011

    In 2011 I’m going to work hard to rebound from a rough 2010, keep a positive mental attitude. I recently left my family and friends in the Midwest to relocate to Southern California for work and this also derailed any sort of workout schedule or social life I had. Recently discovered Jim’s Videos on youtube, and its provided solid motivation to get back to they Gym and has changed they way I workout, Especially the warm ups. Keep up the good work Jim!

  117. Posted by - Tony Tomra on January 1, 2011

    2010 seen me quit my job of 29 years, shut down my gym pg strength and power club, and go back to school to become a massage therapist. Since my move I’ve open a new training center predator barbell, put on two strongman training weekends and a push pull meet. Next year will see a novice strongman meet and two full power lifting meets. I also decided to try and qualify for the 2011 world masters Olympic lifting meet in Canada. While maintaining my power lifting totals for another run at the awpc worlds before I turn masters three. Big goals Though it’s been ten years since I competed in Olympic lifting I’ve stayed in shape.

  118. Posted by - S. Ingram on January 1, 2011

    Your squat tips came at perfect time for me. I just finished a 10 week program and it was time to test my one rep in the squat. I put all 5 tips in the play queue on Youtube and just let it run the whole time I was warming through the actual max attempts. I found myself developing a routine for the first time thanks to your tips Smitty !!
    I broke into the 300s (Squat)finally ! I know for a fact that the tips improved my form and focus which helped me to crank the iron up with good form and confidence !! Oh yeah and I use the Y and shoulder retraction warmups AND I used your Deadlift tips to to pull 417 for the first time with no belt ! I will be purchasing AMD soon and I refer my young Baskeball playing nephews to your YOUTUBE and Diesel crew site. And I sent one a link to an article you referenced about Basketball being a contact sport. I will be refering as many people as I can to your wealth of expertise and knowledge. Thanks and have a great New Year ! “HATERS CHANGE YOUR MINDSET FOR 2011 AND BEYOND !!!”

  119. Posted by - Wusley Luthuf on January 1, 2011

    I have been working out for the past two years now, sure I lost fat from being overweight at 86kgs to now 73kgs. But I have never been able to get the physique and muscle structure I have always wanted. This new year I need to change myself and hit the gym and the nutrition plan with extra determination and I’m not going to take NO for an answer cuz I have waited too long already. I need to hit the ground running

  120. Posted by - John on January 1, 2011

    For 2011 I plan to continue to educate myself about working out to improve myself. I want to increase my bodyweight but have more of an emphasis on increasing my strength.

    I am proud that at almost 45 years old I am in better shape than the majority of men my age and I plan to stay that way for as long as I can.

    Programs put out like those from Dieselcrew will assist me in reaching my goals this year and beyond.

  121. Posted by - Mark on January 1, 2011

    In 2010 I had a lot of injuries, and had very little progress in my workouts, due to taking weeks off at a time to heal, over and over. I had lost nearly all motiviation to workout in the past few months. That’s why I got AMD, so I can turn it all around. My goal in 2011 is to learn how to workout and rehab so that I can become injury free. I’m also going to build up my cardio endurance, and be less skewed to weight lifting, to be more well rounded.

  122. Posted by - Des on January 1, 2011

    I am 48 years of old. In 2010 I let my health and fitness slide mainly because of injuries but there was some fault of my motivation. I feel that I am in the worse shape I have ever been.
    Recently I lost a friend who had a heartache and I have watched my father in law struggle with Stomach cancer. Therefore this experience has brought to my attention of getting back on track.

    My wife ordered the AMPED DVD’s for me for Xmas. My Goal is when the discs arrive, train to these DVD’s word for word. Clean my diet up. I need to loose about inch around my waste and develope some rugged muscle.
    My wife has also vowed to start training and watching her father so she will join me.

  123. Posted by - Carlos Rojo on January 1, 2011

    It’s about ten here in Texas and just got through a tough lower body workout. I felt the need to do this tonight so I know what my plans are for 2011. Lots of squats and deadlifts. My legs are my weakest link and 2011 will be the year I build up what is holding me back. My specific goals are 375 pound squat and 400+ pound deadlift. Thanks to your step by step how to squat lessons and hard work THIS WILL BE MY YEAR!

  124. Posted by - Gregory Jimenez on January 1, 2011

    2011 Happy New Years Everyone, this year my plan is to Follow well rounded training programs , maintain and/or improves all lifts and movements, eat minimal junk foods/drinks, Avoid injury- stay injury free, no now lift specialisation i want to be good at many different lifts to build the ultimate body, i want to get shredded/ lose all the bodyfat, immprove my relations with the hot female population, earn save and invest more money than any year of my life so far, spend more time with family and friends, read more quality books, become more inteligent and educated,and suceed more at life, basically improve all markers of an awesome/top quality life.
    Also go in the tough mudder challenge.Come on people lets acheive some big things in 2011.

  125. Posted by - richard on January 1, 2011

    my goals are simple and straight foward
    fix my shoulder and peel a few inches off my waist
    i will get my business pumping to take care of my family and the new member on the way. i will be true to my honor and my creed and those that i care about and those that i do not.
    i will pick up that big freakin rock at the end of the drive!!!!
    i will give thanks for my blessings daily.
    i will strive to be better than i was yesterday.

  126. Posted by - Danavir on January 1, 2011

    2010 Was year to remember. It took craziest turns and led to becoming one that changed my life FOREVER. With everything that happened and KNOWING that anything and everything is possible, I’m going to surpass my 2010 best with a radical 2011!! =D!

    My goals for 2011 are as follows….
    Physical Goals
    -Get a six pack
    How? Drop 8-10% of bodyfat
    When? By July 31st
    -Fix my posture
    How? Rehab upper back, stretch and strengthen chest and posterior chain, strengthen core
    When? By April 1st
    -Reach 250 workouts in one year
    How? workout 4-6 times a week, during vacation times workout twice a day all in structured programs for specific goals while allowing plenty of rest.
    When? December 31st
    -Be able to do 20 pullups, 25 chin ups, 50 pistols, 25 one handed pushups, 20 dragon flyes, 20 hanging leg raises, 20 handstand pushups, a backflip, a front flip, side flip, and be able to last 3 5 minute mma rounds .
    How? Work my ass off while training smart
    When? July 31st
    -Drop 10 Pounds of pure fat in the next 90 days
    How? Follow a modified Body of Fire program for 90 days.
    When? 90 days (march, saturday 26,2011)

    School goals
    -Pass the year with 4 A’s and 4 B’s
    How? Maintain the A’s And B’s I already have,Get the C’s up to B’s.
    When? End of school year
    -Pass All my Ap tests with 5’s
    How? Up my study hours by 2-4 (depending on class) and focus more during that time period.
    When? End of AP exams period
    -Pass my First SAT with a score of 2,000 +
    How? Keep preparing,learning, and studying for my classes, up my study hours for SAT, focus on SAT especially when it comes nearer.
    When? After SAT test

    Business Goals
    -Get fitness blog started and train people for free to get experience now.
    How? Buy hosting and set up blog by january 30. Drive traffic to blog and set up opt in gift as free personal training program.
    When? July 1st
    -If that works, set up a coaching program to get paid and create first info product.
    How? See if free training works and tie everything together to give people the best service possible.

    Relational Goals
    -Speak to 3-5 new people each week. Network, connect, make friends, and give them the best me.
    How? Get off my butt and stop giving myself excuses. Go up and talk!
    -Create an EVEN STRONGER relationship with family and friends
    How? Spend MORE time with them and give them the best me every single second.

    -Become more religious & spiritual by following my faith like never before.
    How? Reading the literature, practicing the mantras, and keep going at it till the end of my time.

    – Keep the mindset I have…. Never ever quit no matter what and always move forward.
    How? Keep doing what Im doing. Keep improving.
    -Continue on my quest to be a better person in all areas of my life and to all people in it too
    How? Continue learning and continue striving to make every second count.

    The sky’s the limit =D!

  127. Posted by - Michael M on January 1, 2011


    My goals?

    I want to get strong this year. Clear the 500lb mark on the deads, bench 225 for reps, and squat 315 for reps (my squat is my weak spot do to the fact I broke my knee when I was 19, now 35)

    I have spent the last 2 years reading on fitness, and the short story is I know you have it right and I can trust you.

    Some short term goals; do bodyweight and Blast Strap type workouts for a month and I recover from being sick. Then about three months of minimalistic training with a lot of recover thrown in.

    Long term goal; after the above is done I will be purchasing AMD 2.0 along with a squat rack. First I need to convert the garage into my own personal gym or dungeon as many refer to it.

    Other then the I plan on reading a lot more this year. I already do not have cable, but I do have a TV so I can play Black OPS lol. I also plan on spending more time with my kids including starting to teach them all I have learned about training and mental toughness. And I need to get back to praying a lot more, especially seeing the world we live in.

    I thank you for all you have done for me. Someday I will send you pics / video and a testimonial about how you have impacted me. Progress has been slow this year due to health issues but I believe this next year will be much better.

    Anyhow, happy new years from my family to yours.

    Michael M

  128. Posted by - ron on January 1, 2011

    i am gna do more warmups, and even more squats this year and hopefully find a convienient gym with olympic barbells!! am working with dumbbells now..

  129. Posted by - brian on January 1, 2011

    drop 20 this year wid the help of jim so far lost 10lbs cheers all the best for new year
    ur awsome thanks smitty

  130. Posted by - Kristi on January 1, 2011

    2011 is going to be a great year. I plan to increase my intake of water, cut out soda and simple sugars, and increase my intake of whole living foods. I also plan to double the time I spend stretching and warming up, as well as increase the number of workouts I average per week.

  131. Posted by - Benny on January 1, 2011

    In 2011, I will do more cardio to improve my body and at the same time become more powerfull than I was before. I’ve set my goal on finishing a semi Iron man ( triathlon). I also want to become more powerfull and to prove that I want to do more chin-ups then I can at the moment (15), I want to be able to do 20-25 chin-ups. If I could succeed I would see myself as a good athlete and my year would be great!

    “Winners make sacrifices, not excuses”

  132. Posted by - Valco on January 1, 2011

    By the end of 2001, I will have a 400lb deadlift, 225 bench ppress and 330 squat. At least

  133. Posted by - Robert Riley on January 1, 2011

    My goals for this year are to continue to become a better man, father, and husband.
    I start my masters program January 10th and I will get straight A’s. I also want to get my body weight down to 165lbs at 8-9% BW. At the same time I want to return to my best lifts ever in the Squat 540 w/ knee wraps, 340 bench, and a 540 lb deadlift. I had done these lifts in a contest at 175 but I know I can get them at 165.
    I also need to improve my mobility and warm ups. These my not sound like a lot of goals but they are difficult and very important to me. I will accomplish them.

  134. Posted by - Stephen on January 1, 2011

    Goals for 2011:

    1) BW snatch
    2) double BW back squat
    3) double BW clean-grip DL
    4) full handstand pushup

  135. Posted by - ali zaghouani on January 1, 2011

    My goal for 2011 is to stick to 1 single program and saty with it until the end. I am reading way too much about fitness and nutrition and it just makes everything way too complicated and confusing!

  136. Posted by - Bryan Galloway on January 1, 2011

    Age 51

    My goals for 2011:

    *Continue to spiritually grow in the grace and the knowledge of the Lord Jesus

    *Continue to love my wife of 28 years!

    *Continue to get physically stronger and leaner by…
    **working out at the gym 5-6 times per week…working on each muscle group through super sets, jump roping between each set, followed by a some kind of cardio.
    **eating right

    *continue to build relationships at the gym.

    Thanks for the website!

    Happy New Year!


  137. Posted by - Chris on January 1, 2011

    The day after the Super Bowl in 2004 I weighed in at 319.5 pounds (at 6’2). It hit me like a ton of bricks. I spent the next 18 months trying every workout and diet that I could get my hands on. They worked because I had the will power to stick with the diets/workout plans. When I returned from a year long study abroad in New Zealand in 2005, I weighed in at 180 pounds. However, I still looked like crap. I was skinny-fat and weak as hell, but I wasn’t fat for the first time in my life. I spent the next several years of my life working on the psychological side of no longer being fat (far harder than losing weight). My workouts suffered as I put more of an emphasis on dating girls who finally started looking at me and working towards being at the top of my law school class. My weight has gone back up to 240 pounds, the increased weight has been a mix of muscle and fat.

    Three months ago, I got hit with another wake up call: i’m getting older and the opportunity for me to have the body I’ve always wanted is waning if I don’t act now. I’ve been super motivated and focused. I have two big events coming up this year that I want to be in the best shape of my life for: my wedding (honeymoon, really!) and my 10 year high school reunion. When I returned from New Zealand after shedding 60 pounds, my family didn’t recognize me. Now, I want the same shock factor, but this time, with a body that is worth talking about.

    As such, I have set the following physical goals for 2011 (in no particular order):

    1) Reach and maintain 10-12% bodyfat.
    2) Close the Captain of Crush Gripper #3
    3) Exceed 2.5x bodyweight for deadlift/squat and 1.5x bodyweight for bench.
    4) Improve hip/ankle/wrist mobility and foam roll for at least 10 minutes each day.
    5) Go to the gym at least 5 days every week (except for the honeymoon week).

    For personal goals, I want to achieve the following:

    1) Distinguish myself from other first year attorneys at my office
    2) Pay off all my credit card debt and begin saving for a house.
    3) be a positive role model for my future niece-in-law who just moved in with me.

    2011 is shaping up to be the best year yet for me, and with a little help, I know I can make it so.

    Happy New Years and good luck to everyone on achieving their goals.

  138. Posted by - Jim Berryman on January 1, 2011

    Pointing your elbows down while squating is the best tip I ever got concerning squating. Doing this really helps to drive out of the hole. In all the years (25+) of squating, I can count on one hand the number of people I’ve come accross that know how to squat properly. Thanks for the tips.

    My goal is to squat 1.5 times my b ody weight and I want to increase my body weight to 225lbs.

  139. Posted by - Cass on January 1, 2011

    I consider myself a work in progress but 2010 has definitely found me to be a better person. My goals for 2010 were met but will continue to be my 2011 goals, as they are worthy of another year of dedication.

    1) Continue to build the body of my dreams, and not let age dictate where I take my physique. At 42, I am in better shape than I was when I was 22, and I will not let my mind limit what I know my body is capable of. I will continue to seek the advice and knowledge of people that are willing to share it (thanks, Jim!) and I will take care of my shoulder and not feel sorry for myself that I will need to do extra work to keep it healthy. I consider myself lucky just to be able to keep lifting and doing what I love!

    2) Continue to live a more mindful life, always striving to live in the moment and not let pain from the past or fear of the future dictate how I live RIGHT NOW.

    3) Continue to become a more patient, loving mother to my 5 year old twins, and serve as a continuing example of the kind of person I would like them to become – someone with passion, dedication and drive but most importantly, someone who cares for others and knows that what we all do has an effect on this world.

    4) Continue to grow my formal daily meditation practice and know that “just sitting” is never “just sitting”. The best gift we can give ourselves is a daily chance to get outside of our heads and the never-ending chatter and remember that we are more than just our minds and our bodies.

    And while setting goals for the coming year is admirable (and more than most out there might be willing to do), the most admirable action is living every day with the best intentions for yourself and for others. That’s a “resolution” I will take with me into every new year.


  140. Posted by - Riley on January 1, 2011

    In 2010 it was all I could do to keep myself working out enough to not lose strength and conditioning; I stayed where I was and given how my life is going I am pleased with that.

    In 2011 I plan on getting my life sorted out so I can work out more steadily, and continue with my routine. I want to see my squat hit 250lbs at a PROPER depth this time, and finally bench my body weight. It’s going to be all about power.

  141. Posted by - Nancy C. on January 1, 2011

    My physical goal is to lose 50 lbs and get stronger and fitter. My mental goal is to eliminate the distractions that keep me from reaching my best and happiest state of being.

  142. Posted by - Roberto Aguilar on January 1, 2011

    Hello Diesel Crew guys!!!

    This next year has a lot of challenges for me. My fitness goals include competing on my first strongman competition and winning, I’ve been training on my home gym which is practically all made up by myself because in Mexico gym equipment its way to expensive.

    My bussiness goals are a little bit tougher but challenging anyway. I have a webpage on which I’m starting to introduce the people on my city to different ways of training, strongman, crossfit, and athletic development in general, in contrast to what people usually do on commercial gyms. If everything goes ok Im planning to open a Strongman and Crossfit Gym in Cancun, wich leds us to the ultimate part of my new years resolutions, earning enough money to open my own gym. The way I’m going to do it is by building mexican made strongman and functional training equipment and sell it over the internet at a reasonable price for my country. I currently have a Suspension training for sale and the next product would be a strongman sled.

    Hopefully by the end of next year or the beginning of 2012 I’ll have my gym opened.

    Hope all your new years resolution are accomplished guys and take care, peace!

    Roberto “DeMoN” Aguilar

  143. Posted by - Mathias Kovacev on January 1, 2011

    Most of you guys are writing about goals of athletisism, but I had to learn a lot of different lessons this year – lessons far away from lifting my bodyweight etc..
    So here is what I am going to change this year and I am pretty sure it will make me a better coach too;

    1) Smile at every person I meet during the day even he/she is a stranger to me.
    2) Stop – make a break and enjoy the beauty of the moment every once in a while
    3) Spend more time with my close ones
    4) Let those close ones know how much the mean to me
    5) If there is nothing I can do in certain situations – I will let it go and laugh about it
    6) Help others to improve
    7) enjoy my life

    Hope all your new years resolution will be accomplished at the end of 2011 and if not – don´t give up – 2012 will follow.

    Take care!!

  144. Posted by - Parkton on January 1, 2011

    Since I just retired from football this fall and haven’t been to the gym since the middle of the season due to injuries, I plan to go back to the gym and start fresh.
    I need to get my body fat percentage down about 10 percent while getting my squat up to double my bodyweight for the first time ever.
    My girlfriend asked me to help her lose some weight so I plan to help her in any way I can.
    I also want to read more books.

  145. Posted by - Brad Turk on January 1, 2011

    Diesel Crew

    Near the end of 2010 I was suffering from lower back pain and neck pain. They were from bad form while lifting and improper warm up and recovery. Not to mention 45 years of bad form, sports injuries and “indiscretions of my youth” all culminating. When AMD caught my attention, it was a sign from above that I needed to do a better job in all areas of my fitness.

    So, for 2011 I am going to implementing AMD as my primary workout regimen. Actually I already started(I just finished week 2 of AMD fat loss) I am already feeling the benefits of the warm ups and recovery.

    I just started my Elite Fitness Trainer Certification from ISSA. This is an extensive correspondence course.

    I do pretty well with my nutrition. But for 2011 I am focusing on proper macronutrient ratios and elimination of sugar.

    So, Smitty 2011 will be a body and mind filled year. It will require hard work and diligence. I will need accountability and help from the Lord above.

    Thanks for your hard work, instruction and outstanding videos.

    Brad Turk

  146. Posted by - Shirel on January 1, 2011

    My goal this year is to get consistent with my training and to be able to complete a full 4 month training cycle

  147. Posted by - Andrew on January 1, 2011

    My general goals for 2011 are to continue getting stronger, improve flexibility, and avoid injury. I have had too many injuries in the past that caused a lot of setbacks and discouragement, so I hope to improve my warm up and prehab/rehab routines to help me be in the best shape of my life and injury-free. Also I hope to improve my quality of sleep, be more disciplined to wake up early, and reach my goal of reading 100 books by the end of the year.

  148. Posted by - Ethan Lee on January 1, 2011

    My name is Ethan and I have set some big goals but also realistic goals for myself in 2011. I was enrolled in a fitness and health program and college and was doing very well but unfortunately had to stop due to personal reasons. My goal is to continue my education program and also for myself I have suffered from problems with my neck and scapula and too a broken calcaneus bone. I have healed up pretty well with a lot of mobility drills and flexibility work. I plan on gaining 25lbs throughout this year mainly focusing on muscle balance, flexibility and strength. People such as Eric Cressey, Nate Green, Chad Waterbury and of course yourself are making my goals much easier to reach and also keep me very motivated. Thanks so much. Appreciate your site.

  149. Posted by - Cody on January 1, 2011

    My goals are to continue educating myself, and moving to more independent business ventures. Training-wise, I want to hit a 500lb deadlift for reps and continue on the positive track that I have made with more mobility and rehab work. At the beginning of 2010 I had shoulder and hip/low back issues that have been pretty well taken care of. Overall, I want to continue to grow as a person and trainer.

  150. Posted by - matt on January 1, 2011

    my goal is to become a better father and husband. To improve my overall flexibility and strength and actually pursue a highlands games and or a strongman competition and just not shrug it off another year and for once do it and enjoy life.

  151. Posted by - Franco on January 1, 2011

    Hu Smitty, all the best for you and Diesel crew on 2011. One of my main goals this year is to do more warm-ups prior to training, I want to break my PR for deadlifts and squats and I know that warming up before the workouts will be of great benefit. I know that nutrition is a huge deal so I know I have to take care of that side as well. I wat to try out a strength competition as well which will likely be in June-july so I´m not wasting any time and plan to hit the gym hard from the get go.

    Blessings for you and your family as well

  152. Posted by - Todd Green on January 1, 2011

    My goal for 2011 is simply this….I have a friend who has become obese over the years and now he has high blood pressure and diabetes , so my goal is to help him to lose 85 lbs this year . We have set our goals high as our standards are the same…..wish me luck as I am the type to lead by example this should prove to be an awesome year !

  153. Posted by - Tom Puglisi on January 1, 2011

    Goals for 2011:
    1. Squat/Deadlift 2.5 times bodyweight
    2. Bench 1.5 times bodyweight
    3. Clean 1.5 times bodyweight
    4. Get dragonflags
    5. Get a one-armed pull-up
    6. Run the 800m under 2:05
    7. Get sidesplits (and frontsplits on my other side)
    8. Get a prom date

    I worked my ass off more than ever for the past year, and I will continue to do so during 2011. I’m currently in my last indoor track season so I’m going to work harder than ever to make it a season to remember. Thanks for all of the knowledge you kindly share with us Smitty, it helps in more ways than you know.

    Keep it real,

  154. Posted by - Lorenzo on January 1, 2011

    I didn’t post in the original Vision Quest, but I definitely did reach my goals in 2010. These are some of the things I set as goals for the second half of 2010 and managed to reach:

    1.Fixed my shoulder which had been messed up the last 2 years.
    2.Didn’t just got back my strength stats from before the injury, but got quite a lot stronger than I’ve ever been before. (still not quite what you’d call strong though)
    3.Put on about 20lbs of mass, with just a slight increase in BF%.
    4.Read about 20 books on training etc., read tons of blogs/sites/articles and listened to quite a few podcasts.
    5.Taught the basics of training, nutrition and living healthy to my little brother and helped him getting started. He managed to greatly improve his bad posture, endurance, strength, physique, eating habits etc. Family and friends have been noticing this and complimenting him on how much better and stronger he looks and that he might just be able to beat me hahah (he’ll need some more time for that though:P). Hearing that obviously makes me feel very proud and happy.

    My goals for 2011:

    1.Keep on reading and learning more and more so I can keep on improving and can help my lil’ bro even better. Got a long list of books that I plan on reading this year.
    2.Remain injury free and improving general health.
    3.Get stronger and bigger (got specifics on this written down for myself).
    4.Get the most out of my internship in a supplement/health store in China, will be a good opportunity for me and it perfectly combines my 2 passions. (I live in Europe, studying Chinese)
    5.Help other people (family and friends) more to reach their fitness goals.
    6.While learning more about the body, health, training etc. also explore the business side and turn this thing I love so much into my living. Been practicing all kinds of sports since the age of 5 and reached a fairly high level on some. Been very serious with training for the last couple of years (and everybody’s always been telling me I should be doing something with sports). When I “had” to choose between studying Chinese or studying to become a physical therapist 3 years ago, I went with the first because of my eagerness to learn more about the background of my family and because I wanted to learn Chinese real bad. Thought this would also be a good time for me to see if I could keep my interest in training and if so, to learn more about it myself. Did just that, and am even putting more time into this than into studying Chinese, so I guess that’s clear.
    7.Last one that goes a bit with #1, and might just be one of my biggest goals for the year: help my lil brother reach all of his goals.

    Thanks for reading Smitty, and thanks for sharing all of your great knowledge, has been a great help to the both of us.


  155. Posted by - Dale on January 1, 2011

    Simple. I will loose 25 pounds.

  156. Posted by - Aaron on January 1, 2011

    My main physical goal for 2011 is to be 210 lbs. @ 10% bodyfat (currently @ 201.5, and 16.64%). I would love to make a dramatic physical transformation this year. I really want to discover what works best for me, and then take that knowledge to help educate and inspire others. Other goals for 2011 are the following:
    Keep a healthy, clean eating schedule. (I hated finding out I was a heavy fast food consumer)
    Reduce my blood pressure and LDL cholesterol
    Give more love and attention to my wife and kids
    Stay more positive and be more confident
    Increase my vertical jump by 4″

    Happy New Year and good luck to all in 2011.

  157. Posted by - Peter on January 1, 2011

    Wow, what seemed like a simple task turned out to be a real brain burner. Where does one start and how do you convey your goals without writing a soap opera about your life? Well, I am just going to say this from the heart and leave it at that. To succeed in life, like weight training you need a solid base, or, in time, that what you built will come tumbling down around you. At 52 years of age I can safely say the walls have come tumbling down and I have two choices before me: 1) I can wallow in self pity or 2) I can finally get off my ass and do something about it. I’ve decided on Choice Number 2.

    So here are my choices and goals.

    1) I chose to live. I no longer accept that I have to do, be, or accept that which has been presented to me.
    2) I chose to confront my fears no matter what they are. I refuse to be controlled by those fears that stopped me from trying, or doing what I wanted.
    3) I chose to be happy. I refuse to be down, depressed, or angry at myself.
    4) I chose to be a better person in all facets of my life and in doing so I can pass this on to those around me.


    1) Start a Diesel Program
    2) Lose 50 pounds by the end of the year
    (presently 300lb due to Type 2 Diabetes)
    3) Bench Press: 1.5x (250lb body weight) equals 375lbs for 1 rep
    4) Squat: 2x (250 lb body weight) equals 500lbs for 1 rep
    5) Deadlift: 2x (250 lb body weight) equals 500lbs for 1 rep
    6) 20 Pullups (cannot even do one right now – go figure)
    7) 30 minutes of cardio at 80% heart rate for my age.
    8) Leg Press 1500lbs. What can I say, it’s a dream and I am
    going to go for it.
    9) After 22 years of doing nothing I am going to relearn skiing,
    skating, golf and so help me one way or another I am going to
    learn to drive a motorcycle (even if I have to put training wells
    on the damn thing…opps can I say damn).

    Okay that’s all I am going to put down, did I really say that…OMG. For everyone who has set goals for 2011 I pass on my best wishes to you all and have a good New Year.

  158. Posted by - Thomas on January 1, 2011

    My goal is to compete for the first time in the Highland Games in August. For this I will bring my bodyweight from 75 to 90kgs, achieve a 160kg Deadlift (current 1RM: 135kg) and a 140kg Back Squat (current 1RM: 115kg) by End of May and learn the Power Clean as well as incorporate the Amped Warm-up in my training.

  159. Posted by - A.C. Cunningham on January 1, 2011

    My goals for 2011:

    1)For starters the most important thing is to spend more time with the family, I have a beautiful wife and a twins that need more of daddies time.

    2)Secondly to achieve the discipline that I once had from college football so that I can lose the unwanted weight that I have picked up. I have recently become accustomed to the traditional martial arts which has taught me patience and the value of being humble, plus the meditation helps with twins running around. Once I have dropped all of that weight I would like to compete again and I have plans to move on to competitive kick-boxing. Since I am no longer playing football I need something to fill that void for competition and help to get some of the aggression out.

    3)To focus more on nutrition. Ive been eating like I’m still playing football and it has caught up with me.

    4)Also I plan on diving more into the strongman/farm-boy type of training this year which I am sure will help with the martial arts. Smitty best of luck to you this year in all your endeavors and keep giving us quality info, the S&C community needs it!

  160. Posted by - Denise on January 1, 2011

    My Goal for 2011 is to become the fittest and strongest I can become. I just turned 30 and I think now is the perfect time. I plan on doing 240 workouts this year and hit my goal of doing 205lbs back squat, deadlift 225lbs and chin up 5 full body weight chin ups. Plus incorporating more SMR and mobility work as well. The first of 240 starts today!

  161. Posted by - Jack on January 1, 2011

    my fitness goals for this upcoming year and for however long it takes me to achieve them are as follows:
    1)get below 10% bodyfat
    2)be able to run 1 mile in 5 min., 2 miles in 11 min., and three miles in 21 min.
    3)master my bodyweight meaning- being able to do 100 pushups, 50 dips, 40 chinups, 30 pullups, 75, squat jumps, 100 lunge jumps, and 10 one legged squat
    4)to be able to lift at least 200% of my bodyweight on my bench, squat, and deadlift
    5)become more knowledgeable about training
    6)to become an all around physical BEAST!!!

  162. Posted by - Drew on January 2, 2011

    2010 marked a year of the highest aspirations, but filled with adversity and failures. It is in 2011 that I plan to keep pushing forward with enthusiasm to realize my professional dreams and athletic endeavors.

    This all starts in the weight room. I plan to gain ten pounds of muscle, increase my bench by 25 pounds, increase my vertical by three inches, and improve my overall health and athleticism (no more shoulder and knee pain).

    Good luck to all this year!

  163. Posted by - Allen on January 2, 2011

    My goals is to get back into the gym after 3+ years!! your site is my inspiration!

  164. Posted by - Justin on January 2, 2011

    2010 was discovery of fitness and proper lifting in particular. Having got up to a 105kg squat for reps I injured my ankle and lost 4 months of lifting. Its only just getting up to the level where I’m confident handling heavier (60kg+) weights on it, so sadly 2010 goals were mostly missed.
    However, it did mean I got to spend time reading more to keep my interest up, and I discovered the delights of foam rolling which has been an essential part of my warm up since.

    My plans for 2011 are simple. Having built a warm up using some of your templates and Eric Cressey’s book (how I ended up on your mailing list in the first place), I plan to get back to where I was before.

    by Jan 31st 2011 – 100kg squat 5×5 (currently 85kg, and not too close to stalling). Non lifting goal for Jan is as before – Jan is as always a non alcohol month.

    4 months following that (end of may 2011) – 1.5bw squat at 90kg, current weight 85kg, with sub 12% bodyfat. 170kg deadlift for all 6 25kg plates in the gym.
    All this is while continuing to be able to run sub 45minute 10km, which was 44 something last count.

    Non lifting goals are to save up enough money to be comfortable starting a year working aboard from September with my partner, either singapore or australia.

    Thanks for the blog smitty, its been a pleasure to read,


  165. Posted by - Dustin on January 2, 2011

    My main goal was to motivate myself to be active each day. I have almost achieved my goal by progressively pushing myself each month. Now, I workout or play some sport 6 days a week, and hoping to make it 7 this new year! In addition, I have always been fascinated by overhead squats but did not have the flexibility to do them, but this year I will begin doing warm ups and stretches to hopefully do them.

  166. Posted by - Glenn on January 2, 2011

    my goal is simple this year. I’m too fat at this point in my life. I need to lose weight so my goal is to lose 50 lbs to 100lbs but need to start with first losing 25 lbs.

  167. Posted by - Trainer Mike on January 2, 2011

    Keep educating myself 1st and foremost, try to spend my time/free time better and more wisely, I need to drop about 30 lbs and get into decent shape for 2 weddings during the summer. Looking to increase my squat to 455lbs (maybe not all done this year – long term), increase my vert.

  168. Posted by - Mike O on January 2, 2011

    Take what is offered to me each day, try to live each day to the fullest. Try my best not to live in the past, not to worry about the “What ifs” in life, most of which are out of your hands to control. Increase my big lifts – squats/DLs/Bench, cut my bodfat. Don’t look so much at the long term goals that will be overwhelming, look at the 1s that are within reach and use those to propel forward.
    Diet, I want to create a diet log for myself and mark down what I eat/how much I eat/and feeling associated with what I eat (emotional eating, and eating out of habit.) So that I can better learn the triggers, and force myself to make better decisions, by working on the triggers.

  169. Posted by - Dave on January 2, 2011

    My goals for 2011 are to complete HKC in March and RKC in September; to develop online services and products; to start a profitable Kyokushin Karate dojo in my local area.

    All the best to you all for 2011!


  170. Posted by - Jon on January 2, 2011

    Goals in 2010 were rudely interupted by knee surgery during the summer.

    So my goals for 2011 are an extension of 2010. I need to get myself back in shape, I am an active person but am too far out of shape to do everything that I want to do. My goal is to have substantial gains in fitness by May (working on what the measurables for that will be) and to be at or below 10-12% body fat by the end of the year and create a sustainable lifestyle where I can maintain the fitness level and lower bf%.

  171. Posted by - Rodrick Nauling on January 2, 2011

    This is just the type of boost I’m in need of for the new year.

  172. Posted by - Aimee on January 2, 2011

    My goal is to finish things that I start.

    Im notorious for starting things and geting them to a ‘not too bad’ state and getting distracted and starting somthing else.

    So I wil be starting less things but finishing them all – including growing some muscles so I can sit at my work desk and not be in pain any more.

    (and finish my Uni degree – I have 2 subjects to go!!)

  173. Posted by - Scott D on January 2, 2011


    2010 was an unusual year. For the 1st time in my life I faced a hip surgery that should have put me on the shelf for 6 plus months. Well, I decided that I was going to try some prehab/rehab to see if I could manage the pain and get some function back without going under the knife. I didn’t have the surgery yet, my hip feels 75%, and most does I don’t have pain. It’s amazing what some soft tissue work and dynamic warm up and mobility can do. I don’t have much internal rotation in my hip but it’s about 100% than what I use to have!!

    I have a few goals in 2011. I have a professional goal of sitting for the CSCS exam and passing it.

    Strength and Conditioning wise I would like to do 40 + body weight pull ups, rear foot elevated split squat with 225# x 8 reps each side, deadlift 315#, 40 + body weight inverted rows, and increased my grip strength to close the CoC #2.

    I would like to continue with some lower body mobility/flexibility training to avoid any surgical procedures.

    I would like to achieve 150 training sessions this year. If I can get 3 + sessions in per week I should hit it easily plus leave time for travel/business/illness/etc.

    I enjoy reading your site and blog and would appreciate any addition help!! Thank you for all your work and passion on helping people get stronger!

  174. Posted by - Hayden on January 2, 2011

    Well my goals would have to be to actually get into the shape I keep thinking that I am. Being that I wish to join the police department where I live. I know that I am no where near the shape that I need to be in to pass any test that they have.

    A bigger part to getting into better shape is getting my life in order and finally taking control.

    Number wise, I think that 75 lbs. Increase my working sets of bench to 315, squats over 500, and just running faster and faster. time to go to work.

  175. Posted by - Dadi on January 2, 2011

    1. Be a more complete trainer for my clients.

    2. Have my first professional fight in 2011.

    3. Make my house more of a home for my family.

  176. Posted by - Feeble on January 2, 2011

    Consistent training throughout the year
    Deadlift 230kg (240kg if everything goes smoothly)
    Correct hip imbalances and improve hip mobility
    Should knees allow me to; get back to squatting
    Press 85kg, dip 65kg
    Able to do weighted pullups without my shoulders rolling forward
    More stretching

    See you all on the other side!

  177. Posted by - Gregory Jimenez on January 2, 2011

    Yo smitty this video isnt working either, is my computer the problem?
    Hey other diesel people can you guys see the getdiesel workout video above? or not?
    All the best to everyone in 2011

  178. Posted by - Sandy on January 2, 2011

    There have been very few women my age finish the Chilli Challenge Adventure Triathlon in the last several years. I plan on adding my name to that short list in October, 2011.
    I am a 38-year-old female recovering fatso. During the last two years I have dropped more than 100 pounds of body fat. I have learned how to run, how to swim, how to bike. I have put on muscle and a very large smile. I can swing a 25 pound kettlebell, squat with 75 pounds of dumbbell on my shoulders, bend over and place my hands flat on the floor. I can run a 38 minute 5K and climb stairs without going into cardiac arrest.
    But there is much more I want to do. There’s a floaty ring of fat still clinging stubbornly to my middle that needs to go away. There are faster runs to have, more muscle to build, bike trails to follow.
    And there’s a triathlon. The training will be intense, the personal requirements and sacrifices huge. I don’t just want to finish the race. I want to finish strong!

  179. Posted by - Marcelo Diaz on January 2, 2011

    My 2011 vision is to stop procastinating!!! and finally get into shape build strength and muscle!and lose 40 pounds !I know if I keep mentally tuff i can reach these goals and I will this is the year to turn it around im not only gonna survive 2011 but im gonna dominate 2011!

  180. Posted by - Graham on January 2, 2011

    1. GET A JOB (Just graduated college)
    2. Increase squat and deadlift max by 50lbs
    3. Hit the weights at least 3 times per week
    4. Complete AMD 2.0

  181. Posted by - Paul on January 2, 2011

    Went from 223 to 165 last year. also 33% body fat to 20% would like to drop to 160 at 10% this year. Think your work out system might be the way to go.

  182. Posted by - Clint on January 2, 2011


    Love the message, man. I need to be accountable to myself more than anything.

    I’m in good shape, but want to be in great shape.
    I’m strong, but want to be really strong.
    I eat well, but want to eat really well.

    I’m going to do conditioning on off days- Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.
    I’m going to bring my bench to 315, dead to 500, and squat to 450. I’m not far off, but the bench will be the best test.
    I had my last slice of pizza last night. I don’t think you can truly all-organic, but I am going to try and eat food that comes from no more than 150km(100 miles) away from my house.

  183. Posted by - MichaelR on January 2, 2011

    My top goal is to alter my sleeping patterns so I go to sleep around 10pm and get up close to 6am. Other goals include deadlifting twice my bodyweight and bench my bodyweight; also to compete in Brazilian jiu jitsu, amateur rules MMA and white collar boxing…

  184. Posted by - Ryan Durran on January 2, 2011

    It is funny how goals change. Before it was lift heavy, throw far. Now it is rebuilding time. My goals for 2011:

    1. A1C below 7.0(I am a diabetic)
    2. Loose 60 lbs
    3. Gain flexibility
    4. Limit injuries
    5. Rebuild and rehab

    Good luck everyone in 2011. Don’t let what you can’t do get in the way of what you can do. -John Wooden

  185. Posted by - Jennifer Riley on January 3, 2011

    I will train for and enter my first marathon.

  186. Posted by - Jim Davis on January 3, 2011

    2010 was such a transformative year for me, it’s going to take some doing to top it. I dropped 48 lbs. in 24 weeks to enter my first bodybuilding contest since I was a teenager (I’m 56), and I stepped on stage 3 years to the week after major lumbar reconstruction surgery. I then moved OUT of Southern California for the first time in 34 years to be with my fiancee in Kentucky. Talk about changes!

    2011 sees me packing on muscle as fast as possible to take the stage in November at the Fankhouser Classic. I’m more and more committed to the fitness lifestyle and have even gotten my fiancee into the gym — she’s always been the outdoor hiking type, but was feeling housebound in winter, so now she’s killing it in the gym at age 54!

    (I got the video just fine, by the way — and thanks again!)

  187. Posted by - Derek A on January 3, 2011

    Gonna gain 20LB this year with AMD. 145-165

  188. Posted by - Linas Ramanauskas on January 3, 2011

    2011 is going to be the year of change. I plan to rehab my shoulders, enhance my core and lift, work on my endurance and striking to become a Muay Thai machine. This year I am will change my lifestyle and finish the goals I have set up for myself.

  189. Posted by - Andy on January 3, 2011

    Smitty, you’ve inspired me more than you know to get back my vitality and mobility back. To get into flow. My own personal training sessions have now attracted a number of training partners who work with me to regain their mobility, heal their aches, pains and stiffness, and boost performance in all areas of their lives – not just in the gym.
    My top fitness goal for 2011 is to get back into the kind of fluid, life-affirming shape I’ve been saying I’m going to get back into for the last ten years. Why now? Because I can no longer pretend that I’m a dude in better shape than I am (weight and lack of flexibility is creeping up on me), I’m not 20 anymore (closer to 40), and I can no longer pretend the half-planned random workouts I do are achieving the results I want, because they are not. Not only do I have a lot to offer the universe (which requires me to be alive and have energy for oh another 50 years or so), I have a lot of people who depend on me and look to me for inspiration and support, and I want to be fully there for them. Mentally and spiritually, I’m in great shape, but physically I’m just so-so, and there’s no excuse for that. Bottom line, I know that getting in shape in 2011 will not only make me more energetic, creative, and able to maximize my potential in my short time on this planet, it will actually make me more spiritually and mentally complete as well.

  190. Posted by - James on January 3, 2011

    Its time to pay back that which has done me good.

    I am an english teacher living in South Korea, and I have just found out that the school I teach at is going to be adding math and PE to the curriculum. I teach elementary and middle schoolers, and I think that kids of this age are prime time for being educated on the best methods for keeping active and enjoying a healthy lifestyle, as well as all the other benefits that being fit gives you. I myself have dropped a lot of weight in the last 12 months so I understand full well what it takes to do it. I now wish to help others that may indeed be in the same situation so they can achieve their fitness goals also.

    Its certainly one way that I can help the world become a better place.

  191. Posted by - Millacon on January 3, 2011

    I am a single father of a girl and a boy. I am 37 years old. I have always been very active in my life in regards to exercising and being in shape, but I got sedentary the last five years and got out of shape really fast.

    This last August I started exercising again. I have dropped 25 pounds and have toned my body like never before. The first 20 pounds were lost in the first month alone. I always wanted to have a six pack. When I was younger I competed with friends and partners and we sometimes did more than 1,000 sit-ups per day, but I never manage to get cut in my mid section, not even a little bit.

    My boy likes superheroes. And he has always seen me as one. Now I want to get the body of a super hero so he can feel more proud of me.

    My goals for 2011 is to get as ripped as Spiderman and obviously get my ABs to show very nice. At the same time I want to get in top shape so I can play as a kid again with my son and my daughter without getting tire. I am almost there, just need the help from you to challenge me to get there.

    So there you have it. I hope my story inspire others to start and never quit!

  192. Posted by - Brian on January 3, 2011

    Hey Smitty,
    I am 53 years old. I have 4 beautiful daughters, and 6 beautiful grandkids. I am also a personal trainer running my own mobile fitness business and loving every minute of it. At 46, I am in the worst shape of my life. But looking ahead to 2011, I know I have only scratched the surface of what my potential is. I am eager for 2011 to begin, because I am going to see just how far I can go and how hard I can push myself and get one year better in shape than I was lst year, That is my goal every year, to be in better shape this year than I was last year. I’m doing this for several reasons. One, I love how it makes me feel and I enjoy seeing how my body transforms when I push it. Second, being a personal trainer, I need to be in the best shape I can possible be in, in order to be a positive influence on my clients. They don’t want to be pushed around by someone who is in worser shape than they are, but they do like being pushed around by someone who they see as having something that they can look forward to becoming…if that makes sense. The third reason, and the most important, is my youngest daughter. She is 14, and lives with her Mom. I don’t have as much control on her life as I would like to have, and I only get to have her every other weekend and on certain holidays. I want her to have the best chance she can have to be the healthiest she can be. Unfortunately, her Mom doesnt share those same values and there is no physical activities in their lives at this point…,mostly sitting around playing games on the computer. When I have my daughter, we go hiking, walking/running, exploring, mini golf, bowling, etc. I set up an excercise routine for her and gave it to her mother and asked her to help our daughter follow it, but it fell by the way side.
    Anyway…I want 2011 to be the year I really push myself to the limits and give not only my clients but my daughter someone to imulate and strive to be like.
    Thats it in a nutshell…

  193. Posted by - Chris on January 3, 2011

    My goal for 2011 is be in the best shape of ly life. I have had some bad time in my life. I had plans on taking my own life three times in about 8 years. I recently had my eyes opened when I thought about this. Some of the reasons for wanting to do this was I was not in the shape that I want to be. I admitted to this to someone at my gym and he is going to help me with this goal. I doubt myself that I can follow through with this goal. He is going to help push me and make sure that I am in the gym lifting. I know I will probably let myself and my friend down. I want to have single digit body fat, pack on more muscle and be the person that I want to be. I believe if i can achieve these goals, I will be in the best shape of my life. This will help me also have a higher level of self-esteem and confidence. This will also help in my professional life as well. 2011 is going to be the year that i change everything about me. I want to be stronger, healthier, smarter and wiser in the decisions that I make.

  194. Posted by - Roland on January 3, 2011

    Hey Smitty,

    After surviving an accident which left my shoulder non-responsive and never fully recovering from it physically or mentally, I’ve decided that this year is the year I break out of “not being able” and making my own circumstances of “finally being able.” Especially since tomorrow (27th) is my 40th birthday, this is a big, big year for me. Less focus on work, more focus on being a great Dad, more focus on my own business, more focus on balance and living life like it was meant to be lived, which includes a better focus on fitness. This looks to be the best year of my life, and I’d love to include your fitness program in these goals; goals that took more than 10 years to set up and believe I could accomplish.

  195. Posted by - Patrick on January 3, 2011

    I’m 5’2″ & weigh 95 lbs. I’ve been cured of pancreatic cancer; I have half a stomach, half a pancreas, no gall bladder & 10″ of my intestines have been cut off, since Mar, 2000. I read your tips & watch the videos. I try some of them in an effort to put on muscle but lower-body strain triggers cancer pain so I stick with upper body training. So far it’s been good for gaining strength but I could use more exercises that raise my breathing. I can’t handle sustained workouts because of medication & most unfortunately I hate walking! Hopefully, one of your workouts will be just the one that will give me strength & endurance to carry full loads of laundry up & down the stairs, vacuum the whole house & cook all in one day like I used to. Otherwise, some of the workouts are fun.

  196. Posted by - Billy on January 3, 2011

    My top fitness goal for 2011 is to reveal my 54 year old abs because I want to be an inspiration for my family; especially my wife of 25 years who has been battling cancer for the past ten years. She is currently going through her third bout with chemo therapy and is struggling tremendously this time around. I want her to be around for many more years so I am dedicating this year to her. She has never given up her fight and I intend to use that selflessness to return the favor.

  197. Posted by - Mageratt on January 3, 2011

    Without doubt, my weakness in 2010 was diet. Oh how I fought with that. I didn’t start getting a handle of it until the end of the year. I tried things on and off, but never stuck with anything.

    I started all this at 330Lbs, I am currently down to 280Lbs. My goal for 2011 is the obvious, to get down to a more useful weight (I figure that should be around 200-210) but the real reason is simply to run. My goal for 2011 is just to be able to run as fast as I can with no purpose other than to run and for no better reason than I can. Play tag with my niece, climb a tree like I used to as a kid, whatever, just pump my legs and laugh all the way. I’m done with living like a cripple. The day I run, truly run, the field I do it in will be the house that you built. Thank you.

  198. Posted by - Debin on January 3, 2011

    Since I’m already in pretty decent physical shape, my primary goals for this year focus on increased stamina, flexibility and mobility, as well as continuing to align myself spiritually in order to achieve and maintain a higher level of consciousness.

    As I travel frequently in my never-ending pursuit of enlightenment, it would benefit me greatly to broaden my arsenal of resistance training workouts so that I can stay fit. I would also like to find a more effective means of managing my weight while on the road so I can stay lean (ideally <8%) without sacrificing health and longevity in the process.

    The package you guys put together would be a blessing for someone such as myself. Know that your generosity would not be in vain if you were to select me; your program would serve a purpose in my life.

  199. Posted by - Lawrence on January 3, 2011

    Trying to get my deadlift and squat over 250kg and bench going up, it is lagging like a motherf****r.
    However, i would also like to drop bodyfat, at least to a reasonable level that feel like getting stronger AND more aesthetically pleasing.

  200. Posted by - Todd on January 3, 2011

    2010 was a bit of a surprise for me in that I not only got into (and loved) AMD, I also got my wife into it towards the end of the year! So now we’re both hitting AMD workouts at least twice/week, along with supplemental cardio (and grip and some heavy bag for me).
    So this year I want to maintain around 170 lbs. (or more if I gain alot of muscle) and get more ripped mass. At 42 y.o. that should be a challenge. I also want to hit at least 1.5 x my bodyweight on bench, and 2 x bw on squat and deadlift. Last year I wanted to lift the 175-lb. atlas stone I made, and I’d like to see that happen this year.

  201. Posted by - Jim on January 3, 2011

    My goals for 2011 are to work on flexability and up my clean and press numbers. I have 2 children so I work hard on staying as physically “young” as I can…and flexability is a big part of that. Trust me I see other 35 year olds and I’m glad I do what I do in the garage. To everyone else reading keep up the hard work, it pays off every day.

  202. Posted by - annie on January 3, 2011

    For 2011 I have a few goals. First always continue to inquire, learn and apply new knowledge and strategies. And that goes for all areas of life. I know I have some main weaknesses I intend to work on: hip mobility, hamstring flexibility and agility and speed. I already have a phase 1 plan to address these issues.
    I also have some fun objectives: -being able to do 10 + pull-ups and
    -being able to do handstand push-ups
    -and cutting down to 15-16% bodyfat
    These objectives keep me interested in my workouts and focused!
    Of course we all hope to have a injury free year as well! That would help attain our goals, thus the programs you create which are filled with experience and wisdom and planning!
    Good luck to everyone!
    Have a fit and happy journey to those goals!

  203. Posted by - Brendon on January 3, 2011

    My goals for 2011 are as follows:
    -get stronger on all 4 main lifts. Pretty straight forward.
    -Improve mobility/flexibility especially in hips and hammies
    -Drastically improve my diet by cutting out any refined carbs.

  204. Posted by - Rhonda Nichelle Clark on January 3, 2011

    My goal for 2011 is to deadlift 462 or higher. I have missed this weight 5 times in 2010.

  205. Posted by - Brian on January 4, 2011

    In 2011 I am scheduled for 6 Triathlons. My goal is to finish all of them strong. I am working the off-season to get more flexible and injury free. Had a lot of injuries in 2010, including a bike crash, hoping to avoid this in 2011.

  206. Posted by - Dennis on January 4, 2011

    My goals for 2011 will be to first make sure I have myself established in the fitness industry as a great strength trainer and coach. I will be/am working on getting my own strength training center open and start rackin it up. It will be the start of my journey to make sure my life is secure. Im also goin to shoot for a pr in the deadlift of 500lbs a goal I want to reach before the year is out.Im going to see that my Incline press is at 300 foe 5-8 reps. There is a bodybuilding show April 23rd in my area and I intend to be top 3.
    Most of all I want to give back to my parents for helping me so much with the situation I have been in.

  207. Posted by - Seth on January 4, 2011

    My goals:

    1. Finally achieve consistency with my workout – exercise 5 days a week, no excuses
    2. Protect my back and keep my core as a focus throughout my programming
    3. get my weight below 200 lbs

  208. Posted by - Michael on January 4, 2011

    My goals for 2010 were to get more of a well rounded physical fitness, pass my Military entrance physical, and have a continous program that last all year. I dropped 40+ lbs and have maintained a new found energy and self confidence.

    This years goals are designed to get me into the best shape I have been in and continue to changed my routines and not get bored. I will become more lean (striving for below 11%) and work with those around me to motivate and coach to achieve thier fitness goals.

  209. Posted by - jason f on January 4, 2011

    5×5 = 5 sets of 5 reps
    Squat current: 110kg (5×5)
    Squat goal: 150kg (5×5)

    Bench current:75kg (5×5)
    Bench Goal: 100kg (5×5)

    Deadlift current: 120kg (5×5)
    Deadlift goal: 150kg (5×5)
    Start cutting in April to bring down body fat to about 10% for beach season:)

  210. Posted by - Jack on January 5, 2011

    My focus for this upcoming year is to become the best at coaching every kid i have the opportunity to coach. I will be better than the rest both as a coach and as a person. I will change the mindsets of many of the future athletes i train, i will change the mindsets of the parents who baby their kids. I will grab every chance i get to get better by the nuts and twist the crap out of it until there is no more room for improvement….then i’ll find more room. thanks for every bit of information you give smitty…you are one of the best…and just like zach says lead from the front!

  211. Posted by - Thomas on January 6, 2011

    Hi Smitty,

    On pos. Nr 15 i already postet.
    I almost forgot to tell you one thing.

    In the sylvester evening my best friend and trainingspartner was at my place. I let him read my goals for this year (He is also training for the freediving competition, not only weight training when he is at home)
    So he was reading my goals and asked my: Whats that CoC 2 i was writing about. Closing it was one of the goals i did´t made.
    So i showed him that thing, and wanted to show him that there is only 1mm left.
    I didn´t watched down. He looked at me and sad: “When the two metals are touching each other i thing it is closed”
    That was a suprise for me, i looked down and “YES it was closed”

    SO i also finaly made that goal in 2010 too. 🙂

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