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A Review of Warrior Cardio by Martin Rooney

Warrior Cardio

by Martin Rooney

Today I am going to do a review of Martin Rooney’s new book – Warrior Cardio.  In the interest of full disclosure, many of you know that I am friends of Martin.  And if you have been on Diesel for a while, you’ve undoubtedly seen a post or video from Martin in the past.

Here are just a few videos from my YouTube page to give you a sample of how passionate and knowledgeable Martin is when it comes to helping others and taking his athletes to new levels of strength and conditioning.

Athletic Assessments

Athletic / Mobility/ Skill Movements to Build Strength and Power

Warrior Cardio – The Review

I had the opportunity recently to review a copy of Martin Rooney’s new Warrior Cardio book before it’s worldwide release date.  And I have to say, I was really disappointed.

Warrior Cardio is a training manual for combat athletes created by renowned strength coach (and fellow fitness advisor) Martin Rooney.  Unfortunately,  after I read through the massive 400 page book, I had a few revelations.

Even though every picture in the book is in color and glossy (they must have spent a TON of money producing these books!) and it contains:

– the science of cardio training

– the training to be a bad-ass

– the warm-up to stay healthy and get ready for the workout

– the nutrition of how to get lean and how to build mass

– the serious 12-week workout (and how to build many more)

…two unfortunate things stuck in my mind.


People will think that this is ONLY for MMA athletes, when in fact, EVERYONE can and should buy this book.  It can help anyone achieve their goals in and out of the gym.  It is a lifestyle manual that will give you a system to follow and not just a bunch of workouts.


I WISH I had this 10 years ago!  It would have given me so many important concepts and knowledge that it took me years to learn the hard way.

Seriously, in this book, Martin over-delivers bigger than I have seen in a long time.  And for the price (under $20), you will can’t go wrong.  Like I said, it is huge and the quality of the printing is second to none.  I couldn’t believe the whole thing was in color.  And as an added bonus, Martin brings in some other experts to complete the system with John Berardi – Warrior Nutrition and Dr. Tony Caterisano – Science of Cardio Training.

Even if I wasn’t friends with Rooney, I would give this new book my highest recommendation because quality and science-based programming will always rise to the top.

Here is Martin putting Warrior Cardio to the test in the gym.  I would say it passes 🙂

Click HERE to pick up your copy of Warrior Cardio today.

By on April 1st, 2012


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