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Wide Awake

(Sleeping While) Wide Awake

Remember that Bill Murray movie, Groundhog Day?  You know, the one where he was living the same day over and over again? Everyday was the same and nothing EVER changed.

If you stop and look around, or really think about your life, you’ll notice that many of us are living the “Groundhog Day Effect.”

We wake up.

We shower.

We go to work.

We come home.

We sleep.

…and repeat this same day over and over and over again.

Why is that so easy to do?

Because of the stress of paying the bills, taking care of the kids, going to work and watching all of the negative stories on the news – it is easier for people to stay in their comfort zone, then to change everything they hate about their lives.

The problem is, we’re missing everything.

We are sleeping while wide awake. 

 The Time is Now

I know every objection you’re going to tell me.

I am too tired.

The kids are driving me crazy.

I’m too busy at work.

My commute is too long.

I’m too scared.

There is just isn’t any time.

While it might not be a lie that all of these things are true, you are telling yourself a lie if you think any of these things can keep you from actually living the life you dream of everyday.

There is ALWAYS a way.

“Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies.” – Unknown

But, you have to believe that there is a way and you have to power to take action.  Otherwise, you’ll blink and one day will turn into 30 years and the next thing you know, you’ll be retiring from the same job you’re at now. And I’m not talking about taking action for one day, I’m talking about taking action everyday, over and over again, consistently for a long period of time.  Because that is the only way you will make progress.

Let’s try this:

You’re too tired?  Work more efficiently and eliminate distractions while when you can work – to make the best of your time.  Also, when you are sleeping, make sure it is quality sleep.  Blacken out the windows with dark shades, perform deep-breathing and meditate as you drift off to sleep.

Kids driving you crazy?  Find fun activities for the family to do together and spend quality time with them.  But, when it is time to get ready for bed, create rituals to help them quickly brush their teeth, wash their faces and get to bed in a timely manner.  Then you go to work. (see next point)

Too busy at work?  Put in the time at work for the job (for now) which will allow you to do your passion on YOUR TIME.  After the kids go to bed, you should have a priority-driven action item list of things you need to work on for that night. Then get to work – with no distractions and be hyper-focused.

Commute is too long?  Use this time to work on your action item list, think about what you need to do that night and listen to business tapes, motivation tapes or whatever audio cd’s that are important for your passion.  This can be a very productive part of your day.

Too scared?  I posted this on twitter the other day, “FEAR IS A LIAR!”  If fear is keeping you from taking action, you might want to think about the alternative – living without FEAR.  Realizing that every second that you are not taking action, is another day living the life you so desperately want to change.

There is no time?  I think we’ve covered this but the only way to really make progress with a busy schedule – is to work in small doses.  During your break, during your drive or after the kids go to bed.  Get it done and do it consistently.

For every obstacle, there is a solution.  For every challenge, there is a reward.

But we must open our eyes…

and truly be WIDE AWAKE.

“So come pull the sheet over my eyes.
So I can sleep tonight,
Despite what I’ve seen today.
I find you guilty of a crime
of sleeping at a time,
When you should have been wide awake.” – Audioslave

By on April 26th, 2012


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Comments (4)

  1. Posted by - Troy Pesola on April 26, 2012

    Smitty, You hit it perfectly. It is so easy to get locked in a groove … then blink and another YEAR (or decade) has gone by. Thanks for the reminder to take little steps and keep moving use real eye to realize the real lies. Thanks!

  2. Posted by - Conor on April 26, 2012

    I’ve felt like this for years. I’m just starting to really go after my passion and I can see a difference. Dream big and take action!

  3. Posted by - pradeep sabhapathy on April 28, 2012


  4. Posted by - Admin on April 28, 2012

    Amazing artist – amazing song! Wow

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