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Proud Dad. Ambassador of Kindness. Champion Hugger. Aspiring Daoist. Strength Coach. Entrepreneur. Author.

Posts by Smitty

  • The One Exercise You Should Do Every Workout

    Here is the ONE exercise you should be doing every single workout if you want to train better, build strength and muscle faster, and get your upper back and shoulders on point. Seriously, this single exercise is critical for you as a lifter, athlete, or...

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  • No More Elbow Pain – Band-Resisted Skull Crushers

    Let me show you a skull crusher variation that causes no elbow pain! I rarely program skull crushers into my muscle building programs because most lifters have a problem with them ruining their elbows. I typically recommend performing extensions either with two dumbbells to allow...

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  • How to Build Big Traps – Trap Attack to Get Yoked

    Here is a killer trap routine we did in a recent workout to build your traps and get yoked. To maximize your time in the gym, it is important to incorporate more circuits, dropsets, and giant sets into your routines – to facilitate greater results...

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  • Brutal Lower Body Exercise for Stronger Glutes

    Here is a brutal lower body exercise you can use to supplement your lower body workouts and build stronger glutes. Constant Tension Back Raises with Iso-Holds Here is a variation of back raises that I’ve been loving lately because you can really feel the contraction...

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  • Maxwell Spinal Wave Protocol

    Because we just released the new Ageless Athlete program, I wanted to readdress Steve Maxwell’s Spinal Wave protocol that I first talked about in 2011. Steve and I did a seminar together back in 2011 and during the downtime, I was asking him about his...

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  • Best Lat Stretch Ever!

    Let me show you the absolute best lat stretch ever! But that is not all, I want to show you a perfect 1-2-3 combo for unlocking the shoulders, improving the movement of the upper back, and facilitating better upper body posture. Use the following 3...

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