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Proud Dad. Ambassador of Kindness. Champion Hugger. Aspiring Daoist. Strength Coach. Entrepreneur. Author.

Posts by Smitty

  • Multi-Angle Bodybuilding Back Attack

    Let me show you an example of smarter upper back work that will light you up! Attacking the back from multiple angles is really the key to strong and healthy shoulders, as well as developing a sick back. I’ve been saying, “back is the new...

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  • Insanely Effective Shoulder Warm-up Exercise

    Let me show you an insanely effective shoulder rehab exercise that is a twist on an old classic – eccentric-focused cubans rotations. While this exercise was part of a larger, more comprehensive shoulder warm-up we did before a heavy military press, I wanted to call...

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  • Simple Tempo Changes for Max Muscle

    When you’re trying to build mass fast, the simple strategy is to push the weights you’re using, use a variety of exercises with varying rep ranges (modifying volume), and utilize different time under tension (TUT) strategies for extending the training set. Here is a simple...

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  • 3 Stretches to Make Your Shoulders Feel Amazing

    Here are 3 stretches to make your shoulders feel amazing. I use these stretches throughout every workout and do them as often as I can. It is important to understand the effect of strength training on the soft-tissues of our body and build recovery strategies...

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  • 3 Critical Hacks for a Bigger Bench

    Here are three critical hacks for a bigger bench press that I recently posted on my Instagram (Follow me HERE). Spotting for the Bench Press When you’re spotting for the bench press, make sure you slide the bar to the front of the rack. This...

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  • 3rd Annual SB911 Transformation Contest

    The 3rd Annual SB911 Transformation Contest is back and it’s bigger than EVER! Every single year the transformation contest grows and we can’t believe how many lifters, coaches, and trainers take the challenge to change their lives, improve their health, and get into the best...

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